How do I stop being carried away by my thoughts?

Magdi Badawy, 05-17-2024

Hello, everyone.
Lovely to see you.

This fresh moment.
Every moment
is a fresh moment
of presence, of being.
We never leave that
which is that
which we are.

This recognition
is available to us.

The recognition of presence,
the recognition of this formless awareness
that has no personal owner.

There is nobody
who exists in time and space.

That is simply an impression
which inhabits the mind,
an impression which we have believed in,
and at some point we let it go.

And in letting go of the belief
that you exist in time and space,
Presence remains,
reveals itself to be your true self,
appearing in the world as beauty,
appearing in the mind as peace.

The body is the Universe.
It is always available to us
to visit this understanding.

This understanding
is the healer of all wounds.

It is liberation.
Liberation, freedom from the sense of incompleteness.
Liberation from the sense of lack,
from the fear of mortality.

Because mortality does not belong to you.
It is an event in the phenomenal realm.

Sometimes we feel that
we are prey of our thoughts,
that you are subject to the
stream of thoughts and sensations.

What is it that is affected
by the stream of thought.

What is it this moment?
Everything you perceive is
not you and does not define you,
although it is not apart from you.

Every thought, memory,
which appears to you,
is like a cloud in the sky.

They arise out of the Universe,
out of the Cosmic Field.

They appear to you,
like the hearing in this moment
appears to you.

The cosmic vibration;
shapes and sounds,

You are the borderless space of awareness.
You perceive bodily sensations.
You perceive world events.
You are the transparency of being,

Certain thoughts may appear to you,
claiming that they know something about you.

They refer to you as a character in time and space.
They refer to you as a train of thoughts.
They refer to you as a narrative, somebody.
While all along you are in this unmoved awareness.

And sometimes you play the game of agreeing
that you are somebody, that you are a person.

You give credence to the thoughts
which claim that they know you.

While all along you are this formless knowingness.
This awareness,
this understanding,
which has no location,
which has no form.

It has no beginning and ending.

At times we wonder,
why define myself?
I define myself via bodily sensations,
via thoughts.

Why conceive and perceive
and believe myself to be a form,
to be something which I perceive.

Is it necessary to limit myself that way?
What’s the purpose?

The stream of thought appears to you.
And you only get carried away
once you give it
the power to carry you away.
In fact, nothing is at stake.

Sometimes, we like to play in the rapids,
in the turbulent water.
It’s exciting.

And yet the game of personal identification
is a bitter one:
religious identification.

Such a turmoil in the world
as a result of this belief
giving power to the thoughts
which appear to you;
not recognizing our essential nature
in this moment and every moment
as this aware presence,
borderless, which is love.

In a moment of quiet,
deep quiet,
we are 1.

Then we go back to
I am somebody.
Which is a thought appearing to you,
that you agree to believe in,
and you are somebody else.

I am from this tribe,
you are from that tribe.

These beliefs require effort,
maintaining themselves,
revisiting the past,
maintaining our stories,
validating our point of view,
which has nothing to do with love,
nothing to do with harmony,
friendship, beauty.

So we are available to see this process
as it’s unfolding in our body mind.

Very interested.
Interested in the true peace,
interested in truth.

So we sit on the bank of the stream,
we watch the stream.

We feel the Earth
beneath our feet.

We listen to the gurgling sounds
of the flowing stream.

The birds singing,
hopping from branch to branch,
the tiny fish in the water.

The sunshine,
shining through the branches,
onto the Earth.

The frog nearby,
patiently waiting for
a fly to nourish it.

I am all of it,
and none of it.

We are never apart.
We are this oneness,
this wondrous awareness.

This joy,
this freedom,
which is not in time.

Remain as you are,
without any becoming.

Photo by henry fournier on Unsplash

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