Personal desire and fulfillment

Magdi Badawy, 04-24-2024

Welcome, everyone.
Very lovely to be with you.

This beautiful morning
or maybe evening for some (-;

…but it’s always,
it is always now.

Now as as what?

Now as not-knowing,
now as presence,
as being without a history.

Without a history about a me,
of course, there is
a history to the world,
a history to the body.

But there is no history
when it comes
to awareness,
to presence,
to reality.

So we welcome ourself,
we welcome each other,
we welcome our experience
as this reality, which is
beyond the mind,
beyond definition.

Beyond the impression of time and space.

And we allow ourself to sink deeper
and deeper in this effortless presence.

Whatever appears to us
appears effortlessly out of
this presence,
this universal presence.

There is no separate self.
In fact,
just this borderless awareness
takes on the form of a thought,
takes on the form of a sensation,
takes on the form of that
which we call the world.

So mysterious.
A beautiful mystery.

We are this mystery.

Awakening to itself,
realizing itself,
contemplating itself.

It is so
that it is the self
which is contemplating itself.

Reality is self knowing.
It is all knowing,
made up of knowingness,
being knowingness,

We understand these words because
of the glimpse in truth.
God’s whisper.

There is a relaxation
of the habitual tendency to
hold on to things,
hold on to mind states or
self definition,
the habitual tendency to believe ourself
to be an event in time and space.

While all along,
we are this knowingness,
this pristine awareness,
this magnificent beingness.

So we invite every sensation
in this moment
to realize its source,
to relax in its source.

The light of awareness
shining onto the mind.
Effortlessly perceiving

All is well.
All is well as reality.
All is well as truth.

This is the great offering,
the offering of everything.

Which is the recognition that
everything is that one.
That one which is beyond words.

So we don’t hold on.

Always offering everything,
like the flow of the river.

What is it that we deeply and truly desire?
Take a look.

Is it not
in the peace of being.

This desire is innate in all of us.
It is innate in our true nature.
It is the play of consciousness
to desire itself while all along, it is itself.

So the desire comes from the Source,
and the desire is
for the Source,
of the Source,
to the Source,
from the Source.

So it’s fulfilled.
From the onset it’s fulfilled.
From the onset, your desire is fulfilled
because it is arising from the destination.

This destination is not a personal self.
This destination is not a separate body-mind.
This destination, which is the source,
is fulfilled fulfillment already fulfilled.

It is wholeness.
It is transparency.
It is openness.
It is freedom.
It is truth.

It is awareness.

The fulfillment of your desire is not in time.
The fulfillment of the desire
for freedom,
for truth,
for happiness
is fulfilled in this understanding
that you are that.

You are not
a male or female form,
a son,
a daughter,
a mother,
a father.

You are this reality, the shining light.
You know who you are.
The light that knows it is.
This formless, shining light,
the light of awareness,
this ordinary awareness.

Hears these words
and understands.
It’s magical understanding,
Not to be trivialized.

You are the God Head.

The body-mind, the world,
is what it is,
like in the flow of a river,
the wavelets on top of the surface of the stream,
with various shapes and colors of the clouds.

We are the knowingness of all of that.
We are not the form.
We are the reality of the form.

We are not the images on the screen.
We are the screen out of which all images arise.

And that screen is

Every desire that arises out of you
is the desire for your true self.
You desire yourself out of your freedom
to desire yourself.

But that desire is already fulfilled,
and you know it deep down
in your heart.

That the movement
on the surface of the stream
do not define the stream,
the movements of the mind,
the activities of thoughts and sensations,
the activities in the world
do not define you.

there is no holding on.

Understanding is always in this moment.
There is no other moment.

It is not the path that matters,
but the destination.

Because everything is the path,
but the destination is one.

There are infinite paths.
There is always one destination.

And even our path
includes many different trails.
Sometimes it is a narrow, wooded trail, and
sometimes it is vast, trail, path.

Whatever vehicles you used to get to the shore,
once you are on the shore,
you can let go of the vehicle.

And the shore is this very moment
of presence,
of being,
of awareness,
of reality.

In fact,
you never leave the shore.
Where would you go?

You and the destination are one.

You are the seeker and the sought.

You desire the freedom that you are.

So many ways of speaking the understanding;
that doesn’t matter.
What matters is the understanding,
irrespective of how it is spoken or
whether it is not even spoken.

You know it
as the peace,
as the freedom,
the undisturbable beingness.

It is a silent understanding.
intimate understanding.

In the understanding we are one,
there is no teacher or student.

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