Ultimate Safety and Well-being

Magdi Badawy, 04-21-2024

Hello, everyone.

Very lovely to be
with you.

And, to share this lovely time together.

Turning our attention to
what really matters,
above all,
our true self,
our true nature.

That which we are,
that which we know ourself to be,
which is
beyond separation,
beyond duality,
which does not know
any problems.

That which we truly love.
And that which we love in each other
and we love in life.

Because it is the truth that we love.

The beauty,
the kindness,
the freedom.

So we can invite ourself
to this freedom,
to this peace that has no cause,
to this well-being,
which is undisturbed.

It is available to us as
this ordinary presence,
this ordinary awareness,
which is universal,
which is divine,
which is beyond the mind.

This wisdom
which enlightens the mind
and liberates it
from the sense of separation.
Liberates it from
the impression that it is limited.

Because you are not limited.

That which you are is boundless.
Your reality,
true self.

Absolute freedom,
absolute well-being.

Not defined in any way,
not defined by the mind.

So we can welcome
ourself this moment
as this formless presence,
this formless awareness.

Profoundly peaceful.

The freedom of this moment is infinite.
Because in this moment,
there is no time,
no causality.

The eternity of being.

So you can allow every sensation,
everything which appears to you
in this moment
to be completely free.


We refer to thought.
We refer to sensation.
We refer to perception.

But these are concepts.
Useful concepts in a way.
But it experiences awareness,
spaciousness of awareness.

Everything that appears to you
appears within
and as
and to
this aware presence.

Appears to you
from this presence and
to this presence.

There is no time.
It’s effortless.
Problems require time,

But you can be right now
without any need for definition.

Allowing things to be
whatever appears.
Without knowing,
without pinning anything down.

There is that which is conditioned:
the mind,
the body.

You feed the body
in a certain way,
in a certain manner.

Need responds to the input.
There are rules that pertain
to the world,
to the body.

But there is that which is
beyond rules and
beyond conditions,
which is real.

Real in that it’s always available,

Does not
change in time and space.

The core,
the essence.

Seeking it is, like sinking into it
rather than looking for it.

It’s the understanding that
bypasses the mind.

Ultimate safety
and well-being
is awakening
from the sense of separation.

The dissolution of the me-story,
the me-narrative,
which is maintained via our belief in it.

The belief that
I’m a son,
a daughter,
brother or sister,
body-mind entity.
What’s happening to me?
What’s happening to my family, to my tribe?

This identity, the me-identity.
It’s not what you are.

It is taught to us,
and we’ve accepted it
and spent most of our life
defending it and worrying about it.
Being troubled by it.

What is it?
This moment.

This moment is just love
and presence and being
and this borderless not-knowing;
embrace that is beyond any effort.
This gentle listening.

So when the narrative arises,
it invades our feeling state.

We see it.

It’s important to see it
and to recognize it for what it is.

What is it?

So is the past in there,
the past and the future?
Regrets and hopes.

We believe that all of that is significant.

But what is truly significant is
the understanding,
the awakening from the illusion,
the awakening to the illusion, to the false belief.

Allowing the understanding to
permeate every cell of your being.

It is your understanding
to pervade your being
your behavior,
your action,
your thinking,
your perceiving.

To be completely taken.

By this love,
this understanding,
which is universal understanding,
God’s understanding.

We are carried by it.

is a simple lifting of the veil.

The identification veiled.
I am somebody veiled.

The I am on a spiritual journey, veiled.

Any identification
is a burden,
anti humanity.

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