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Open listening and thinking about myself

Magdi Badawi, 03-03-2024

Hello, everyone.
Lovely to be with you.

Just a reminder that the first part of this meeting
will be a guided meditation,
and then you’re welcome to explore
whatever questions you may have.

So if we could invite ourself
to be without the past,
just for the duration of this meeting,
to come to presence.

Sit comfortably.

You’re welcome to either close your eyes
or turn your gaze inward.
And allow your experience to be just as it is.
Without engaging,
without trying to alter your experience
or carry a conversation.

Allow the universe to do its thing.

You are aware.
Notice this listening space.

It’s a borderless space,
which somehow hears these words.

And this hearing is not in time.
It’s not a remembering.
It’s not a projecting.
It’s a vibrational space.

One could say, it’s the universe vibrating as
this sound and simultaneously as hearing.

It’s an open space.
And this openness is a complete freedom.

A thought may appear within this open listening space,
and then it dissolves in the space.

Within this listening, there is no grasping.
For it is all space.
So we don’t need to do anything.
We don’t need to remember anything.
There is no objective.

Every instant is brand new, fresh.

A thought may arise, wondering how am I doing.
It’s just a vibration in the field,
which is creating an illusionary I,
an illusionary me.

But the space within which this thought arises
is always welcoming, effortlessly welcoming.
Eternally saying yes.

Not arguing or resisting,
not contracting
around something which appears.
And neither believing nor disbelieving.

When you take a look at this open,
borderless, listening, perceiving space,
the mind is quiet.
Completely absorbed in the listening.

Deeper than deep sleep.

And sometimes we may wonder
if it is a mind state,
which appears and disappears.

And yet whenever you turn your attention
to this effortless listening,
this presence,
you find it right there.

No borders.

It is not something which appears to you.
It is the formless reality within which
so called things appear.

And then it may dawn on you
that this borderless listening space
is your very being.
The reality of being.

That which is and cannot not be.
The formless screen,
the wide open sky of being.

In the world-body-mind,
events, images on the screen.
Ripples on the surface of the pond.
Birds singing in the distance.

The sound of the wind,
the heartbeat, and
this intimate presence.

No separation.

And you realize it,
your breath is the universe breathing,
and your thoughts is the universe thinking.

And the events happening in your life,
are god’s play.

And that nothing is truly happening
to you, or to others, in essence.

But then we realize how conditioned the mind is.
How it personalizes every experience.
The me-virus:

What’s gonna happen to me,
to my loved ones,
to my tribe,
to the world?

How deeply conditioned the mind is.
Believing that consciousness is mortal, personal, limited.
So convinced that the me-narrative is real.

The mind is so cluttered in trying to safeguard,
maintain, protect, justify this me-story.

Like a spiderweb.
But the universe is so much larger
than this personal mind.

The universe is our true body.

And although it seems that
a lot of things are happening,
there is nothing happening.

Just ripples on the surface of the pond,
reflection of the sunlight and the wavelets.

Sometimes there is a wind.
Somehow, the wavelets come together,
forming a bigger wave.

God’s wind,
God’s play.
And in God’s kingdom, all is God.
Nothing is but God.

It’s only one reality.
And although it has no name,
it goes by all names,
although it has no form or shape,
it goes by all forms and shapes.
And although it is no-one and nothing,
It is everyone and everything.

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