Fear of disappearance

Magdi Badawy, 02-08-2024

Hello everyone.

So welcome
this open, effortless, welcoming,
which is what we are.

We are this openness,
this effortless openness.

So it is this effortless openness
which welcomes itself
by recognizing itself.

All is well
when it comes to this aware presence.

So invite yourself to a complete letting go,
Abandon yourself to not knowing.

There is No need to engage
for the duration of this meeting
with anything which appears to you.

Nothing special.

There is a deep relaxation
in not holding on.

No obstructions.
Nothing needing protection.

Contemplate the sun shining
on the surface of the pond.
The glitter,
your reflection of the clouds and the sky.

Such tranquility.

The warmth of the body.
The heartbeat.

An invitation to silence
the silent stillness of being,
which is undisturbable.

There is no separate entity in reality.


God’s presence is your presence.

In person.

And this Presence is not something
which appears and disappears.

It is a reality which is
which I am,
universal being.

Beyond the impression of time.
Beyond birth and death.
And you are that.

There is no physical reality.
Matter is Conceptual.

We perceive the seasons,
the spring and the fall,
the cycle.

We welcome the seasons.

This body-mind is not apart from the universe,
from the weather, from the seasons.

At night, the animals in their majority go to rest.
They go to their den or to their nest,
and we go to sleep.

And we dissolve the mind, the body, the world.

We experience that.
We refer to it as deep sleep.

We don’t mind.
We actually welcome this,
this dissolution.

It’s phenomenal, this dissolution.
It’s rejuvenating,

There is another form of dissolution.
Pralaya, the dissolution of the sense of me,
the dissolution of ignorance.

The dissolution that is not a mind state.
It is not deep sleep.

The end of fear.
The end of holding on to something.

The end the me.
The me-impression.

There is freedom in this ending.
The disappearance of the illusion.

Complete abandon.
So that the sense of personal me
can reveal itself to be,
in fact, the universal being.

The sense of me as a caricature of the self.
The sense of me resides in the mind,
in time, in sensations.
It is just ripples on the surface of the pond.
Not a problem,
once they’re understood to be a play.

You watch the show,
but you are not in the show.

You create a character.
That you identify with in the show.

You populate the mind with
many narratives about this character.

You live your life preoccupied with this narrative
until God whispers in your ear:

Hello ❤️
You are not a character in the dream,
nothing is happening to you.
Wake up.

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