Undo yourself of any resistance, of any beliefs

Magdi Badawy, 01-21-2024

Hello, everyone.

Very lovely to be with you.

Without knowing what I am,
without knowing what you are,
simply in this formless presence,
this loving presence.

Where deep down, we we are one,
and we know that we are one.

So we can relax in this not-knowing,
in this knowingness, which is not-knowing,

We invite every aspect of our experience
to this relaxation, to this Peace.

Peace is very simple.
It is what we are.
Complications there arise in the mind
when we identify ourself, but we don’t need to.
We can simply be like the Ocean.

There is a movement and a non-movement.
There is an abandonment,
a deep letting go.

And this letting go is effortless.
It has no intention.
It is not trying to improve anything.
It simply is.

We remain unattached,
available to whatever is unfolding;
because there is nothing which is happening to us.

There is nothing which affects awareness,
which affects our true nature, our true self.

We may have inherited certain patterns,
certain habits
to protect,
to defend,
to resist, and
to argue.

All of which are quite unhappy.
We’re holding on to ghosts.

Identification with the body-mind
and worrying and projecting a future,

All of which is unnecessary
because you are this formless presence
to which nothing can happen.

The mind cannot reach that
which is not of the mind.

Images on the screen do not affect the screen.
So you can undo yourself
from these inherited resistances,
these inherited contractions.

So you can savour the peace,
the peace of being,
the effortless peace of being.

So you may need to step out of your mind,
this habit to try to figure things out in your head.

And instead go to simple being,
open, effortless, non-resistance.
Which already is
the reality which perceives right now;
does not know any resistance,
does not hold on to any beliefs,
is not trying to figure things out.
It is at peace.

Seeking nothing,
avoiding nothing,
pure being and presence.

Grooving on being.
Because being is groovy.

The mind is always constructing structures
and trying to navigate its way around
the structures that it is building.

It builds a structure
and maneuvers its way around it
and builds another.
It is made out of structures,
illusory structures, mental structures.

Psychological structures
that serve no purpose towards peace and happiness.

So you need to actually,
lovingly undo yourself
from the habitual resistances.

Relax at the heart of what is appearing to you.
Because nothing touches you.
Except if you wanted to.

You can play the game
of being affected by this or that,
wanting things to be this way or that way.
There is no peace in that.

Peace precedes the mind
and permeates the surrendered mind.

In order to disturb the water,
you have to keep stirring it.

But when you stop stirring it
it comes to rest.

Because rest is the natural state.

As you continue to soak in the peace of being
it soaks into you.

As long as your interest is in Love and Peace,
the Causeless, it reveals itself to you.

And the less and less you leave it,
the less and less it leaves you.

Photo by Raimond Klavins on Unsplash

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