Healing the illusion of separation

Magdi Badawy, 01-02-2024

Hello, everyone.
It’s very lovely to be with you.

So we invite ourselves in this moment,
to be fresh.
Every instant new.

Arising In presence,
we invite ourself to relax into being every sensation.

Every thought,
every impression,
we give it its entire freedom.
Which is universal freedom, God’s freedom.

Now we are available
to sink deeper and deeper into presence
without holding on to anything
without directing the flow.

Images and thoughts appear to us.
Like clouds in the wide open sky.

Just for now, for this meeting,
there is nothing we need to do.
There are no walls, no barriers,
no edges, to awareness.

The gentle movement of the breath.
We are not doing anything.

The warmth of the body.
The tranquility of the mind.

We are this vast ocean of being.

It’s so beautiful.
Loving; effortlessly loving.
Welcoming; effortlessly welcoming.

No resistance.
No personal intention to experience anything.

This effortless openness.

Like a newborn baby in mother’s arms.
With the loving embrace of the mother,
the warmth of her body.

As this peace,
the peace of being,
there is nothing you need to do.
All is well.

What needs to get done is done,
just as it needs to.
No mistakes.

We don’t need the past in order to be.
You only need the past in order to be somebody.

Which on a relative level is okay.
As long as you know that you are not,
in fact, somebody.

There is no separation in reality.
Separation is a storyline.
A me-storyline.

The Universe knows how to universe.

The body knows how to take care of itself.
Your business is to be available to the understanding
that you are not an object in time and space.
That you are not the body-mind, a specific body, mind.
That you are not something you imagine yourself to be,
or something you perceive yourself to be.

You are the perceiving aspect,
the invisible Knowingness,
the silent presence.

Thoughts appear within presence,
out of presence, to presence.

Some thoughts may refer to you
as an entity, as a person, as a man, as a woman.
Some thoughts may appear to you and refer to you
as a good person, a bad person, an improving person.

But a thought does not know you.
You are the knowing aspect,
which receives the thought which knows the thought.

And when you,
meaning this invisible presence, this aware presence,
belief that You are a limited entity,
defined by thoughts and sensations,
you experience the illusion of separation and limitation,
the sense of lack; worry and concern and fear.

Like passing clouds,
passing bodily sensations.

This realm is appearing to you,
for your understanding.
The understanding about the innate freedom of being.
The understanding about the loving nature of being.
The understanding about the universal nature of being,
which is your reality.

And this understanding is bottomless.
There is no end.
Like love, there’s no end.

So we get a glimpse of this understanding.

Then we live according to this understanding.
We invite ourselves over and over to apply
this understanding in our life.

How to be living not knowing,
rather than living in time and space, in 3D-dimension.

We invite ourselves to live in The absolute presence,
the eternal, the timeless.
To perceive and to act and
to think from that understanding.

The old habitual mind of seeking, grasping
and resisting may arise again and again.

The habits are not so easy to shake,
but it’s inevitable that the ice will melt in the sunshine.

To go beyond the habits of fear
and defending, projecting, seeking.

The habit of trying to portray oneself
as somebody defending an image.

Old images, positive and negative images,
they are so insignificant, aren’t they?
Who cares?
How about an image?

Love my image.
Honor my image.
Who cares?

We are so habituated to manage our feeling.
Feeling, a passing stream, a sound, a wave, a sensation.

We get so busy with our feelings,
maintaining them, defending them,
correcting them, adjusting them,
justifying them, resisting them,
loving them, hating them.

We don’t realize we’re giving power to an illusion.
We define ourself.
Ourself, meaning this borderless presence, awareness.

We have some feelings.
We need to feel better.

We’re so busy trying to feel better.
Like a painter trying to improving their painting.

There is no peace in trying to make something better.
The complete freedom of being,
the love, the openness.

Understanding that what I am is not this phenomenal form,
born in time and space, and progressing towards some imaginary future.

Can we invite ourself over and over
to relax and rest in being as being.

A courageous step.

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