A meditative contemplation

Magdi Badawy, 12-14-2023

Welcome everyone.

So welcome your experience
just as it appears to you right now.

Just for the duration of this meeting.
You don’t need to do anything.

Simply relax in the flow.
Your inner being knows the way.

Surrender your mind.
Surrender your body to the inner guidance
which is within you,
which is your true nature, your reality,
which is peace and
inner tranquility,
in the midst of all activity.

So allow things to be as they are.

No effort,
no direction,
no goal.
Not seeking an experience,
rather offering all experiences to the unknown, to the cosmic order.

Whatever contractions there are in your body,
gently invite them to relax.
Invite them to the freedom,
to the peace.

An open invitation,
which comes from peace itself.

Whatever thoughts appear to you:
memories, stories…
you don’t need to do anything about them.
Let them be without even trying to understand.
Let things be as they are.

Whatever appears to you is appearing out of the cosmic order.
It has nothing to do with you.
It is God’s creativity.

You don’t need to know what you are in this moment.
Because whatever you know about yourself is not what you are.

Deep within you
you know yourself.

Not via the mind,
not via thought.

you know yourself, via the mind.
There is nothing you need to do.

You can sink deeper and deeper into being.

The bottomless invitation.

We all seek the peace,
the causeless happiness.

No effort is needed for that.
It is a relaxation of all effort,
which reveals the peace of being, your true self, as
this ordinary awareness,
this effortless awareness.

It takes on the form of breath,
in the form of perceptions.

It is always this effortless awareness,
which you are,
which is
and knows it is.

The wide open sky
is veiled by clouds.

And yet, here you are.
Fully present, aware.
Without any need to do anything.

There are no veils
when it comes to awareness
when it comes to presence.

You only find veils when you go into the mind;
memories and stories, beliefs.
The me-story.

While in fact,
your true experience is awareness.

The wide open sky is not disturbed by the clouds.
The ocean is unaffected by the waves
or by the currents within it.

So surrender your experience to the unknown,
without holding on to anything.

So that there is this openness,
this borderless presence.

And you are that.

Invite your body to expand
beyond the limitations of the mind,
beyond the skin,
beyond the room,
beyond the walls.
Beyond beyond.

So rather than individuality,
you are the globality,
the wholeness totality.

The mind is free from any beliefs,
free from seeking,
free from the past and the future.

And yet alive, aware.

The tendency of the mind to maintain a me is relaxed.

Within us there is a deep trust in the formless,
in that which is beyond the mind.
Because we are this formless reality;
taking on the form of thoughts,
taking on the form of mind.

A world,

The essence of all phenomenal appearances,
all phenomenal events is formless awareness.

This invisible, aware presence,
which we refer to as I.

I am,
I perceive,
I know.

This I,
this formless aware presence,
which is speaking and hearing simultaneously;
across all body minds.
The same invisible presence,
the same formless reality.

Every cell of your body
is made out of that formless reality.

Every thought which appears to you
is made out of that formless reality.

Everything you perceive and experience
is made up of this formless reality.

And this ordinary awareness is God’s awareness,
the awareness of the universe.

You are all of it.
But you have never been a separate, material, limited form.

No matter how strong you have felt
that you are a particular body mind…
It is just a dream, an illusion, in mental structure.

You are
the globality,
the totality,
the cosmic field.

Everything is yourself;
and you are not a thing.

So when you breathe in,
the entire universe is breathing in.
And when you breathe out,
the entire universe breathes out.

And yet,
there is no breathing in and breathing out.

Just a mental way of speaking;
the conceptual way of speaking about the unspeakable.

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