Does memory define my identity?

Magdi Badawy, 12-07-2023

Hello, everyone.
Very lovely to be with you.
And, very lovely to be.

So if you can, turn your attention inward
and be comfortable,
and simply allow things to be as they are.

You don’t need to try to fix anything or achieve any state.
No need to try to fix your experience.

Simply be as presence,
noticing how things are appearing to you.

Whatever thoughts are appearing to you,
just let them be.

Whatever bodily sensations are appearing to you,
let them be just as they are.
There is no effort needed in order to be.

There is a restfulness in presence,
restfulness in being.
And this restfulness is our true nature.
It is not something that we do
or something that we practice.

This restfulness is revealed when you are not doing.
We have a a habit of doing.

So we can give ourself a break
from this incessant tendency to do.

This habitual tendency
to become somebody or
to maintain a certain position,
to avoid certain experiences,
to project a certain image.

So for now, we can relax that.
We don’t need to engage in such habitual activities.

Notice the gentle breath.
Its subtle inhalation, exhalation,
which we don’t need to label
as inhalation or exhalation.

Simply gentle flow.

Notice the stillness within.
The sound of this voice
appears to you within your stillness.

Within awareness.

There is nothing that you need to do in order to perceive.
There is nothing you need to do to be aware.

It is what you are.
This Effortless awareness.
Which is not in time.

Nothing is happening to awareness, which is you.
The only you there is, which is awareness itself.

Yes, there is A body mind which appears to you:
memories, images, bodily sensations.

And yet, you are this invisible, aware, presence.
This invisible awareness,
which somehow knows it is.

You know, you are.
I know I am.

And which knows it is aware.
I know that I know.

So allow yourself to be carried away
by this nonverbal understanding.

Allow yourself to be freed from
the belief that you are somebody,
that you are the body,
that you are a man or woman.

Invite yourself to be that which you are,
the gateless gate.

What appears to you does not define you.

Memory, meaning thoughts
do not define you, they appear to you.

The me story, the personal identity,
appears to you as a narrative,
a me-narrative, a stream of thoughts;
images, memories, and sensations.

This me-narrative is not what you truly are.
The me-images on the screen are not what you truly are.

You are the reality which perceives,
perceives images, thoughts, sensations, perceptions.

Reality is your true identity.
Formless, wordless, non-phenomenal.
That which you know you are,
and that which refers to itself as I.

Your true identity is before conception,
before perception;
precedes form.

Concepts appear to reality, within reality, from reality.

Perceptions appear and are perceived
by reality, by you, I, the true identity,
which is this invisible, formless, aware presence.

Before we add on any phenomenal
qualities or qualifications to reality.
Before we download the material model,
the objective realm.

Reality is.

You are that which precedes thoughts and perceptions.
You are that to which thoughts and perceptions appear.

They appear to you, from you, and to you.

Like in night dreams,
in the night dreams, all appearances appear to you.
You, the dreamer.

They appear to you,
and they appear from you and within you.
You are the conceiver and the perceiver, simultaneously.

We imagine that there is an “out there”
some other reality,
outside of the reality of consciousness,
we imagine reality outside of I, outside of my reality.

But experientially,
nothing is apart from yourself,
from your true self.
Not from what you imagine yourself to be,
but from your true self, from awareness.
Nothing is apart.

That is why we say that there is no other.
That the other is my very self.

That there is no world out there.
That the world out there is my body.

So when we relax all our belief structure,
when we press the pause button
on the past and our mind’s history…

We are that presence.
We don’t cease to exist.
We pause the story,
We pause the history.

The screen remains

It knows itself as itself, whatever that is,
which we refer to as I am.

We come to the mind of not-knowing,
being not-knowing.

There is a fullness to be not-knowing.
A wholeness,
a freedom.

Freedom from the old patters of maintaining,
defending, confirming, adjusting, manipulating.

Freedom from the sense of limitation,
freedom from mistaken identification.

So allow yourself to sink into being without knowing.
No worries.
No concern.
No direction.

Nothing to attain and nothing to defend.

Simply be.

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