Freedom from the habit of Identification

Magdi Badawy, 11-26-2023

Hello everyone.
Very lovely to see you all, to be with you.

So we’ll spend some time together in shared meditation, and then you’re welcome to explore whatever questions you may have.

So sit comfortably and welcome yourself.
Your self always is always welcoming itself,
welcoming everything as itself.

There is nothing which is not the self.
There is nothing which is not Being, your being;
the one being there is.

So allow the these words,
allow this understanding to do
what it needs to do,
without you doing anything.

There is no separate person.
There is no separate self.
There is no separate you.

You are the reality which right now hears these words
and perceives this perception,
and that which perceives and which is
is not an object in time and space,
is not a body mind,
is not a mortal entity.

You are not that which you imagine yourself to be.
You are not that which you remember yourself to be.

You are this Invisible, infinite, aware presence
that has no name and no age,
no gender, no borders, no edges,
no location, no limitation.

You are the cosmic field of being.
And as such, all is well.

So you can invite yourself to sink
into this wellness, into the causeless peace.

There is nothing that you need to fix.
Nowhere that you need to go.
Nothing you need to attain.

This habitual tendency to do something
in order to attain something
or in order to get somewhere
is based on the old model that you are a separate entity:

That you are somebody.
That you are a mortal.
That you can achieve peace and happiness
as a personal self, as a separate entity.

You are the freedom of being.
You are not unfolding in time.

The personal problems that you experience
belong to the imaginary personal self
that you imagine yourself to be.

But in this moment,
in being as presence,
before the mind engages the past and the future,
what is Missing?
What what is lacking?

When you do not refer to yourself
as somebody, something,
a patriarch, a father, a mother, a personal self.

In the absence of referring to yourself as anything,
what is the problem?
What is lacking?

Is it not your true experience right now
that of presence, of awareness, of beingness,
before the download of nationality,
before the download of personhood.

You are the screen of awareness,
The formless self.

The reality, the fullness of reality,
which perceives, hears these words,
knows itself to be awareness itself,
knows itself to be real,
and does not know any boundaries.

Is it possible to live without engaging in identification.
To be effortless.

Like the wide open sky,
allowing things to unfold as they do;
engaging in life, from
a place which is not living in the past.

Not worried about the future, which is imaginary.

Because reality is not in the past or the future.
It’s a being in presence.

We all know Identification,
the mind, which is condition.

Condition limit in our culture,
our parents, our teachers,
our society, the tribalism.

When we feel that,
the body resonates with the belief,
the belief that I am this or I am that,
the body picks it up.

It says, yes
and maintains these juices flowing.
Beliefs and juices flowing in the body mind.

Is that how we would sum our life,
a stream of thoughts and beliefs and sensations.

For what?
For what purpose?

We separate the tribe against another tribe.
Family against family.
Brother against brother,
sister against sister.

Why is this Foolishness?

We live in worry and concern.
Trying to protect and defend.
What? What?

Everything is impermanent.
In a flash all body minds appear and disappear.

Like the day and the night.
Sunshine and the sunset.

There is a recognition available to us
the recognition of that which does not come and go,
that which is not in time,
the cosmic field of being,
which does not know any separation.
Our true being, which is our true self, our true identity.

Where nothing is off.

Where are we rushing to?
Where are we going?
What is it that we’re holding on to, defending?

We take a look,
invite ourself to this higher understanding,
freedom, freedom which belongs to all,
the freedom of the self our birthright.

Can we do our work internally?
We will let go.
All of these ghosts.
This me-structure.
Personal illusion of identity.

Because it’s up to us.
You do the work, the inner work.

Love, peace, and freedom for all.
The understanding that we are the same reality.
This formless reality, which right now is
and knows it is. I know I am.

the body has a name and age.
Belongs to a certain family, a certain tribe.
Has all sorts of issues and conditions and needs.

But I am not that which I perceive.
I am not the body mind which I perceive.
I am not the stream of sensations,
thoughts, images.

I am this awareness.
One, the same borderless awareness.

This understanding is pivotal,
because this understanding brings the sweetness,
it brings the love, brings the compassion,
releases us from the burden and the illusion of identification.

So that there can be a light, a light in the tunnel.
You are the light!

The light doesn’t belong to anybody.
It belongs to itself.
It does not discriminate as of how it shines.
It shines equally and indiscriminately
onto everything and anything.

It shines, period.
The light shines.
It’s a shining light.

Shinning light of being.
Shining light of love.
Shining light of understanding.

It’s an impersonal Light.
Universal light.

The world is so beautiful.

The wide open sky,
the clouds, the wind,
the breath,
the warmth of the body,
thoughts which appear to you,

the sensation of hunger,
enjoying a meal,
the company of friends,
and loving everything,
freedom from personal concern.

The sound of traffic.
Walking with a friend.
Everybody is our friend.

Being open.

Open as love is open,
this availability.

Somehow love everything, everybody.
To be fresh in the moment,
without knowing.

It’s vulnerable availability,
which is not defending anything.

To listen.
Sometimes we just need to listen.

There is a listening which is profound.
Silence, deep, listening silence,
which reveals Love, Oneness, Wholeness.


Like, in the Christian tradition,
you go to the confession.
And you tell the the priest all the bad things.
And the priest just listens,
without any judgment.

It’s love in listening.

To be with each other,
like it is the first time and the last time we are meeting.
Leaves nothing unattended to.

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