Living in and as Presence

Magdi Badawy 11-16-2023

Hello everybody.
Lovely to be with you.

So we welcome.
We welcome without knowing
what we are welcoming,
and we don’t need to know.

Because welcoming is unconditional.
It is love.
It is what we are.
We are this welcoming presence.

Welcoming everything equally.

A loving welcoming,
which is our very self.
We are this love and this loving welcoming.

Thoughts appear within this welcoming space.
Sensations and memories,
universal appearances.

Appearing within us,
within this formless awareness.

Without any separation,
like our night dreams.

Like the heartbeat,

There are no borders to this presence.

It embraces everything,
embraces everyone.
Although, there’s only one;
embraces itself.

So we welcome this embrace.
Not knowing who the welcomer is,
and what is being welcomed.

Because there is no personal self doing anything.

But as this presence,
somehow we recognize this effortless welcoming.

This passing dream is about love,
about understanding, the revelation.

The revelation that we are one,
and that we do not exist
in time and space.

Like children in the playground,
are happy to play.

So we are available to that which
is not the product of thought, memory.
Not the product of time.

This eternal presence,
which is the reality of that which speaks,
the reality of that which perceives.

To live as this borderless presence
simply requires our interest.

Not our interests in our personal stories and histories.

But our interest in the unknown;
this availability to
the mystery revealing itself.

You are not the content of thought.
You are not a storyline
which appears to you.

You are not the entity which
you may imagine yourself to be.

You are a body structure,
which you may feel yourself to be.

All of that appears to you.
Like ripples appear on the surface of the pond.

Like the glimmer of flight,
reflected in the field.

So we can sink deeper and deeper
into the vastness of being,
which we are.

We can see through the veils of identification;
imaginary limitation.

Imaginary self definitions,
which are empty of substance.

Like images on the screen;
their substance is the screen itself.

It is this reality,
the formless reality of the screen,
this borderless awareness.

Ordinary in a way,
and yet extraordinary.
Which you are,
beyond the impression of birth and death.

In the playground,
in the sandbox,
we create all sorts of games.

Imaginary characters.
Imaginary scenarios.

We play the game.
Birth and death.
Various events.

We imagine and create many characters
in our imaginary play.

And then you recollect:
I am, Being.
That which does not come and go.

This effortless presence,
which belongs to itself.

There is no personal owner,
or a personal doer;
all that is mind stuff.

You live as this effortless presence,
whenever you are not living as a personal, separate entity.

This imaginary me character
is the veil between you and yourself.

But what is the veil after all?
Once you see through the mirage
order is restored in an instant.

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