The Delight of Living as the Openness of Not-Knowing

Magdi Badawy, 11-05-2023

Welcome everybody,
lovely to see you.

In this space of not knowing,
in this space of presence I welcome you,
I welcome myself as yourself.

Words being spoken,
through a particular body mind;
not being spoken from a particular body mind.

Welcoming, loving is our true nature.
We are this effortless welcoming,
this effortless, loving presence.

So we say yes to that.
We recognize,
I recognize myself as that.

This invisible effortless transparent aware presence.
That has no name, no age,
no phenomenal quality,
which is love.

So when we start from love,
we don’t need to go any further.

It’s done right then and there
in that moment of open, loving presence.

We all know I am,
which does not come
from the conditioned mind.

your reality,
does not arise from the conditioned mind.

It does not arise from the body.
It does not arise in the world,
with the birth of a body.

You have no beginning.
There is nowhere in time and space where you begin.

So we do not need to pursue any state.
This habitual tendency, to seek something,
can be let go off right now.

So that only being is only being.
And you are that.

You are being itself.
Awareness itself.

Whatever appears to you,
does not define you.
It is not your true nature.

Your true self does not arise in time and space.
It is this formless Presence,
which is and knows it is.

You do not need to define yourself in any way.

So allow every sensation to float in the space,
the space of not knowing.

Allow these words to float in the space of not knowing.

This not knowing is total availability, complete openness.
The innocence of children.

The beauty of innocence.
It touches our heart.

Those are eyes that look through you.
That whisper to you:
I am you,
you are I.

We are the same reality,
which we call Life;
but it is beyond words.

What you truly are,
beyond the mind.

The structures of the mind are illusions,
thoughts and memories,
sensations, perceptions.

They are dreamlike.

They float,
they appear,
within awareness;
like a leaf, falling of the branch,
being carried by the wind.

So we are very fluid with the mind.

We don’t give it power,
because giving power to the mind
creates the illusion of division between us.

It’s not the place to go.
You go directly to Being.

The reality which perceives,
which is, and knows it is.

But does not need to define itself,
does not need to identify itself.

Or to believe itself to be somebody,
to be a series of events in time and space.

Like the wide open sky;
borderless, boundaryless.

You are that borderlessness,
that Invisible Self-knowing, all knowing.

the reality of being,
which transcends the divisions of the mind.

So we can relax
the tendency of the mind to rise up
with its belief structure.

This stubborn aspect of the mind,
which is identified,
that is holding on to the past,
that perceives the world via its narrow perspective.

There is an understanding,
about truth,
about what we are,
which is the understanding that we are the same reality.

The understanding that mind is just structures,
that vary from moment to moment that are not so significant.

The understanding that the significance is in being,
in love, in friendship,
in being open, being not knowing.

So we can return over and over to that understanding.
The understanding about the formless self.
The universal self.

So that this understanding can bloom in our life,
in our environment,
in our body,
in our being.

There is repose in not knowing,
and restfulness and freedom in not knowing.
And availability.

The perfume of presence.

It may seem difficult sometimes
to be still.
It is as if the inner sensations are unbearable.

We want to wiggle away out of there.
Where, where to?

Whatever is unfolding for us,
the inner panorama,
sometimes even the emotions that arise for us.

There is no accident.
They are they’re what do we do?

We try blaming somebody for how we feel
or deny how we feel.

Justify how we feel, or …

Reverting to addictions to hide, to distract us.
But there is another way.

Which is just to be there, doing nothing;
being at the heart of it.

Somehow seeing through this movement.
Seeing the emptiness of it that there is really nothing there.

The movements of the mind are nothing.

A moment to moment may chain.
Like a ripple on the surface of the pond.

Let’s somehow imagine
we need to do something to protect ourselves.

What is this self that you try to protect,
right now, or what is it right now?

A train of thoughts and images and sensations and beliefs.
What is all of that?

Where is this character you are trying to protect
and defend and safeguard, keep safe?

Right now in this moment of wakefull deep sleep.

So many ideas we have about each other.
The misery of that.

We don’t want others to have ideas and images about ourself,
because we know that we are not an image.
That we are not what somebody thinks about us.

And yet don’t we, at times, nurture ideas and opinions about others?
It’s wasteful.
It’s not loving.
It is of no of no use.

And we just be not knowing.
A loving embrace of not-knowing

I know I am,
I don’t know what I am.
Only one I
one being,

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