Did I choose to be in this life of conflict?

Magdi Badawy, 10-29-2023

Hello everyone.

Very, very beautiful,
very lovely,
to be with you.

And, to be this one presence.
This undivided indivisible presence,
which is love, which is truth,
which is our true heart,
our true home,
our true being
and our only being.

So it is as this undivided being
that we truly meet.

We never meet as separate personal entities,
imaginary entities.

We always meet as truth,
as reality,
as the formless Self.

So invite yourself,
for the duration of this meeting,
to simply be and allow things to be as they are.

Whatever is appearing to you,
whatever thoughts and sensations appear to you,
remain as you are.

Without inner judgment.
Relax as presence.
Just for now.

Notice the background of peace.
Which we all know oftentimes is veiled,
but it’s there, nonetheless.

The ground of being,
which is this effortless presence,
this ordinary effortless awareness.

Notice how things appear to you – you as awareness.

The sound of this voice,
what we refer to as hearing,
appears to you,
without you needing to do anything.

The world appears to you,
whichever way it does:
World events,
relationship events,
social events,
the sun shine,
the wind,
the singing of the birds.

All of that appears to you.
It is a Cosmic universal appearance.

There is nothing we need to do.

Bodily sensations appear to you.
Sometimes we refer to certain sensations as contractions.

without any commentary about the sensation,
it is what it is.
Before the mind labels it,
it is what it is.

A pure magic.
The magic of awareness.

Notice how although at times,
thought may say you are in the world,
and this or that is happening to you.

Although a certain sensation may arise,
which is interpreted as
“Oh my goodness,
what is happening to me.”

Notice that in all cases,
these thoughts appear to you,
like clouds appear in the wide open sky.

The sensations similarly appear to you,
and we don’t even know what they are.

We are quick at interpreting them.
Nonetheless, they are mere appearances;
like ripples on the surface of the pond.

You are never in the world.
You have never been in the world
as a personal entity;
as a man, as a woman,
as a father, a mother,
husband, wife,
a Christian, a Muslim,
a Jew, an American, Italian.

You have never been that;
never ever been that.

It is a divine invitation,
a Cosmic invitation,
for us to awaken to our wholeness,
to our sameness,
to our universal beingness.

It is an invitation.
An invitation to love,
to forgive, to embrace.

An invitation to be humble,
be compassionate.

An invitation to drop identification.
An invitation to presence,
because presence is love.

Presence is not something happening
in time, or something happening to me,
to you, to him, to her.

What did they do to me?
Why did they do this to me?
Why did she do this to me?

I know that these patterns
can be powerful and repeat themselves.

But we are this untouched
and untouchable presence.
The presence which we all are.

All of us,
brothers, sisters, husbands, wives
are that same presence.

Ukrainianians, Russians,
Israelis, Palestinians,
French, British;
all this nonsense.
We are the same presence.

Not in time.
Not in the world.

The world is where we can express our friendship.
Where we can express with humility our wisdom, our understanding.

Where we can invite each other.

The playground where we are all together.
To be together in the garden,
in God’s garden, our garden.

Life is an opportunity, moment by moment;
presented to us.

To deepen our understanding,
to live our understanding,

that we are this formless self,
this invisible presence.
You can call it life, if you want.

We are not an entity which is born and dies.

All struggles are an inner struggle.
It’s a struggle with our self.

We’re not defending against the other,
we’re defending against our very self.

Which of course makes no sense,
once we’re understanding this way.

So we separate ourself from ourself:
I am not you.
You are this.
I am that.

You are her.
I am him.

You are this,
I am different,

It is so untrue.
It’s so false.
So Empty of substance.

It’s an old habitual way,
that’s made available to us
so we can pierce through it
or figure our way through it.

We are equipped for that.
We’re equipped as consciousness.

We are already the Love
that we are trying to live.
We are already that.

It’s okay,
at times we overlook our inner understanding.
It’s okay not to judge of ourselves.

And to simply return to presence,
which is not really an activity.
It is more relaxing our inner habit to struggle.

The mind can rest
in presence,
and soak the peace of presence,
of being.

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