Dealing with negative feelings

Magdi Badawy, 09-21-2023

So welcome yourself.
Welcome Presence without the past,
without knowing anything about yourself.

So that the field is an open field,
an open space of being.

Allow, whatever appears to be,
without any particular interest.

Notice the sensations in the body.

There is no personal intention.

There is no personal entity,
who is subject to anything.
No need to form any images or any concepts
about your experience,
or about yourself.

No need to set this against that.

Be like a stream:
effortlessly there is a flow,
and there is your stillness.

Which do not oppose each other.

There is no opposition.

It is only conceptually,
at the thinking level,
at the mind level,
that we set this against that.

We have personal preferences,
some of which are innocent.
And some of which serve to protect
the imaginary “me”, the imaginary entity,
which we believe is real
and with which we identify.

It’s an imaginary identification,
because wherever you look,
you only find awareness.

Nowhere do you find a separate personal entity.

What is it that suffers
in the absence of a personal identity?

In your dream, your night dream,
you fall off a bridge,
or you lose your fortune.
You experience all sorts of mishaps,
none of which is real.

Similarly, as consciousness, as being, as reality,
nothing which appears to you has any relevance to you.

And yet we experience personal identity.

When we experience negative emotions,
worries and concerns that repeat themselves in our life.

Like, a loop, a repeating pattern of thoughts and sensations,
and the repeating arising of negative emotions,
which in time have become a habit, which get easily triggered.

And the more we engage in justifying ourselves,
defending ourself, blaming the world and blaming others,
the deeper the tracks.

The negative emotions get deeply rooted in our body,
in our sensations.

It is not happy,
and what’s the point of engaging in unhappiness.

What for?
It does nobody any good.

Is it possible when the negative emotion
get triggered to explore, be still, be silent.

Standing at the heart of things,
at the core.
Allowing this internal weather to unfold,
without doing anything.

Because it has nothing to do with our true self.
It has nothing to do with happiness.

You cannot reason your way out of negative emotion.
Without the understanding that
there is nothing at stake for anyone.

And it’s a false alarm.

We don’t need to rush to put out the fire.
Let it burn, let it be.
After all, everything is a universal doing,
everything is god’s doing.

This experience is minuscule,
tiny, when it comes to the infinite realm of being,
infinite realm… there are no words for it.

The task is simple: do nothing, don’t be anybody,
allow being to be, whatever it is,
whatever it wishes to be.

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