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The Causeless Peace of Being

Magdi Badawy, 07-09-2023

Welcome your experience
just as it appears to you

notice the breath
and invite yourself to rest

no judgement

simply being, not knowing
an open, unconditioned space

nothing to figure out
not trying to fix anything
or attain anything

here’s the complete freedom
to every area of your body

things appear as they appear
thoughts, bodily sensations

they have nothing to do with you

you are not subject
to thoughts and perceptions

like in your night dream
you are not subject to that
which you dream

nothing is happening to you

you as consciousness
you as the reality which is and perceives

you are not an object
consciousness is not trying to improve itself

you can improve your body
your mind, your property

but you remain as you are
which is this invisible aware presence, you
invisible presence
which knows it is
and knows it is aware

you don’t need to define yourself as a person
as somebody bright or not so bright

somebody loves needing to be loved

you don’t need to box yourself
in some complicated and complex way

remain as you are
without any definition

allow every cell of your body to remain undefined
dancing with a mysterious dance of life

you are that life

first, you know yourself as somebody
a son, a daughter,
but via a glimpse into reality
you realize that you don’t exist in time and space

you have no history

your body has a history
your village, your car, they have history
but you don’t

when you contemplate the reality of consciousness
you may comprehend that consciousness has no beginning
and thus no ending

you may comprehend that
consciousness is non phenomenal
and it is the only thing
that you can be absolutely certain of

everything appears and disappears
in consciousness in awareness in presence
but consciousness does not appear or disappear

we don’t need to carry the past
during this meditation there’s nothing you need

in life you can go to the past as needed, that’s fine

for a particular specific purpose, and then you let it go

meaning, you don’t believe yourself or define yourself
as somebody existing in the past living towards the future.

it may seem fearful initially
to let go of one’s history and story
but as you try it out,
you will find that it’s marvelous
freeing, liberating
and that everything you need
is available to you in the moment.

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