What is A Glimpse Into Truth

Magdi Badawy, 06-04-2023

Hello everyone.
Very lovely to be with you.

We always are, not as a thought, not as a memory, not as a feeling.
because these things pass.

We always are as being.
Whatever it is.
This Reality.

That is a formless and yet
appears as form.

So go to your formless self.
The reality which perceives.

There is no effort needed.
Our child-like nature is on board.

So easy,
like the flow of a stream,
the sound of birds among the trees.

The sensation of the breath.


You are like the wide open sky.
Allowing clouds of various shape and size to appear
for whatever duration.
Without any need to fix anything,
without the need to label.

You meet yourself every instant as presence.

You know you are.
But there is no personal limited you.

It’s a formless reality
who knows itself as I in this moment.

I am, I know I am.
There is no script, which could define
or describe being, awareness.

Because the script is a mind script, a narrative.
And you know you are not a narrative.
I is not a narrative.

So you don’t need to refer to yourself
via the past, memories and images.

When you walk in an orange orchard
there is blooming;
the perfume of the orange blossoms is everywhere.

Not located in any particular location.

Similarly, you – I – is not located in any particular location.
There is no location for I.
Awareness permeates your entire experience.

It is consciousness,
this formless reality,
which is right now
and knows that it is;

perceives and knows
that it perceives;

the only reality
which is the source of all manifestation.

All thoughts,

There is no other reality.

Understanding about consciousness,
about reality belongs to consciousness.

It is consciousness,
which veils and unveils itself.

When it veils itself:
I am an object in the world as somebody,
subject to conditions.

When it unveils itself:
It is only I,
only one unopposed reality.

So, you, consciousness, you, reality
veil yourself as somebody, a man, a woman

and unveil yourself as presence
as a formless beingness.

There are no real problems anywhere.
Only the dream game of wining and losing,
good and bad.
But in reality, all is well.

And you are this magnificent reality.

You can play the game of being somebody
knowing that it is your game.

Your play, your creation.
Why not?

You can also play the game of being somebody
who completely believes in that somebody is your reality.

And then you can experience
the sense of limitation and separation.

And why not?
When that is your joy and your freedom.
Who is to interfere?

And yet you reveal from yourself to yourself
a glimpse into your eternity and your majesty.

Upon this glimpse,
you wake up the lion.

There is no return.

You have to satiate your hunger for truth.
That is the power of the glimpse.
There is no way around.

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