What to do about the belief that I am a person?

Magdi Badawy, 03-09-2023


so just for now
you can let go of
your intention

to simply be
not knowing

without any goal

you don’t need to refer to the past

whatever appears to you
appears in this open borderless
transparent space of awareness
which is your very self
your true self

whatever appears
in this openness
which you are

wherever you go
whatever you do
is your true self

the only self there is

which is the self
that each one of us knows
as myself

not to be confused
with something which appears
such as memories
bodily sensations

the past has completely ceased to be

but you
this aware presence
do not appear or disappear

you are life
as being
as reality

you are this formless essence

and out of your freedom and creativity
you create an experience the world
what we refer to as

without being bound by
your creation

there is nothing which is apart from you

there is only one you one you
one I
one reality

when the impression of suffering is

due to believing yourself
and feeling yourself
to be a person
a father
a mother

this belief is random
it’s a psychological virus
mistaken identification

and it is this identification which
you need to look into
to investigate
am I
somebody which exists in time and space

or does time and space appear within me
as thoughts

am I this aware presence
the reality which perceives
or am I
an object of perception

you know the answer
because you are the reality which perceives
you are not an object inside the brain
or a subject inside the brain or behind the eyes
you are not something that’s inside the body
in the chest
in the heart
or in the…

it all appears to you

so you can investigate
are there any limitations that I know of
about consciousness
about I the reality which perceives
that which is I
that which is aware
that knows that it’s aware
are there any limitations to awareness

is there any time constraints upon awareness
are there any physical constraints upon awareness

you don’t need to attach yourself
to any state the state of the body or the mind

to inquire
into truth

it requires a certain stillness
a listening without knowing

being available for the unknown

you have never been other than what you are
we have never become more or less
than what you are

and you don’t need to maintain the old model
of being somebody

with the absence of being somebody or something
you are whatever you are

no borders
no structures.

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