The purity of the background of being

Magdi Badawy, 01-19-2023

we’ll start this meeting with a brief meditation
a guided meditation
so just sit comfortably
and turn your attention inward

and rest
allowing your experience
whatever you perceive

whatever is appearing
just to let it be
as it is

you don’t need to do anything
don’t try to fix your experience
or to solve any problems
or improve how you feel
just let it all be
just for now

simply enjoy being

because being is joyful

without concern about figuring anything out

without being troubled by the past

things to be as they are
your body
whichever way you’re feeling right now

that it’s possible for the mind to rest
resting in presence

and how wonderful it is
that you don’t need to do anything
in order to Simply Be

like a newborn

a fresh moment

brand new

that has not yet been conditioned
by thought and by time

by beliefs

that in this moment

you don’t need to be anyone or anything
you don’t need to carry the past

no concerns about the future
no need to Define yourself in any way

there is freedom in
not knowing what you are

without any identification

without any striving

notice the gentle movement of breath

one of the many ways in which

the warmth of the body
maybe it’s not too warm

whichever way the body is
appearing to you as sensation

it’s hard to pin it down
this sensation

which is the sense of being

sometimes I speak about the background of being

we may wonder what
what that is

intuition that we have about

the form

being undefined by thoughts and

that deep intuition
that we have
we are not
made out of matter

in this moment
in every moment

that we are the


it’s aware

thoughts may appear

images appear

somehow we know deep down that
we are not
something which appears

that we are not defined by

we’re not defined by
that which we perceive

we have this deep yearning

to be free and

of any situation
irrespective of any condition

and although
the Mind may direct us to
various activities
via which we will get there
sometime in the future

deep down we know that
we are that
which we are looking for

we are right now this
causeless peace and happiness

which I sometimes refer to
as the background of being

but these are just words
because in reality
there is no background or foreground

such distinctions are conceptual
in fact reality is one

but we are so habituated to refer
to ourselves as
the body and the mind
as persons
as some limited beings

we have created a distinction
to create a division

between our formless and
borderless reality

and the body mind

a conceptual separation

once we
believe that we are
a female or a male form

but then we experience the sense of separation

[…] like somebody who’s in the ocean who
does not know very well how to swim and struggling
to keep their head above water and to make their way to shore

but it’s not possible for you to ever leave
your true self

it is not possible for you to be that which
you are not

it’s not possible for you to be
anything but
the self, this aware presence

although you may imagine yourself
to be a person a man or a woman
a mother or a father

you are this aware presence this borderless aware presence

in all states
the waking state
the sleep state
the dream state
the deep sleep state

you are that

which is not a state


the ground of being

the infinite background of awareness

which appears as your mind
which appears as the world
that you perceive

which appears as
the Avatar that
you feel yourself to be

like in your night dreams
you perceive yourself
as a character in your night dream

when you perceive a variety of events
in your night dream

none of which is separate from you
you being the dreamer

and whatever happens to
the characters in your dream

is your own creation
which feels and seems so real

but nothing in this show whatsoever
is happening to you

there are no borders to awareness

there are borders to bodies and to minds
but there are no borders to awareness

notice in your own experience
don’t believe any words that you are hearing
check it out in your own experience

that you
is this awareness
is this presence

and that this presence
this awareness
has no borders
no location

check it out

because it is
your understanding
which matters

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