Attachment and the peace of being

Magdi Badawy, 01-08-2023

So let’s turn our attention inwards
sort of welcome yourself
welcome your experience

rest the sensations within your body
the gentle movement of breath

you don’t need to do anything
not to try to improve your experience

nothing that you need to figure out
the past is gone
there is no need to dwell on the past

and the future
we’ll deal with that later (-;

simply be without
any reference to past or future

which means you don’t need to do anything
because you already are

being is

peace is effortless

it is not something we work hard to to get
it is what we are

this is what I am

this simple awareness

is peace itself

lacking nothing
seeking nothing

the reality of your experience
the reality of your perceptions and sensations
and thoughts

is this simple awareness
this effortless awareness

to which you can find no beginning and no ending
because it is not in time

this simple awareness
the reality which perceives right now

has no location
because it does not exist in space

you are this awareness

without any borders

nothing is excluded

so in the recognition
of awareness

it is awareness which recognizes itself

not as a limited body

not as a female or a male

but as this transparent reality
which knows itself

as I know that I am

I know that I am
is the universe knowing
it is

the cosmic reality
knows itself

as being
as isness

but as nothing in particular
nothing objective

in this passing dream
it is the understanding
about understanding

it is the hidden treasure

this reality is is one one a transparent reality

which is your very self
In This Moment the reality which


everything is I
everything is this reality
there is nothing
which stands outside of this reality
which is love
love meaning the non-dual reality
not two

when this love manifests itself in the dream
in a relationship relationships
an opportunity to express your love to manifest the love
to celebrate love

to celebrate our Oneness

not two objects loving each other
but the recognition

that you are my very self
in that
that which I love in you

and that
which you love in me
are the same love

the same self
the same reality
the same beingness

being loving being

being never comes and goes

being cannot not be

it is eternal
and it is love
and love is eternal

forms may come and go
appear and disappear
as mind events

they come and go within that one reality
within the reality of being

without in any way
augmenting or diminishing being

nothing is ever lost or gained

it is normal to experience
some form of attachment
in the dream

somehow we associate
the love would form

simply a form of Celebration
not a real form that is separate
separate from the celebration

the form itself is just
a manifestation of the love

and attaching ourselves to the form
the form that love is taking

it is love that’s attaching itself to itself

as an expression
of its love for itself

knowing deeply down

that it is not the form that we love

it is not the form that you are attached to
which is love itself
which is attached to itself

and in fact it never leaves itself

so it’s attachment to itself
is not a real attachment

because there is no separation in love

love is your very being
your essence
your reality

what appears to you in terms of thoughts
and perceptions and Sensations

is nothing else but your very being
manifesting itself to itself

as thoughts
and perceptions

so turn your attention to the sensation of borders
which you may be experiencing right now
if any

and release and relax these borders

allow them
to flow

and to reveal
that there are no real borders
to your being
to your body
to your mind
no real borders

allow the love
to flow boundlessly
throughout your entire experience
in this moment

Universal love
flowing through your Universal body

in all directions

without any purpose
outside of celebrating
the joy
the freedom
the beauty
the love

remain open
without any effort

deep relaxation
without any effort.

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