Our thoughts are made of us

Magdi Badawy, 08-14-2022

i as awareness is
the reality which perceives
the reality which hears these words

that which perceives this moment
is not something
appears and

i is this reality which perceives

i is someone who is born or something
that exists a mother a father
a son a daughter

i is

i is a
a man a woman

a concept
does not perceive

a feeling
does not perceive

a sensation
does not perceive

a memory
does not perceive

an object
a form
does not perceive

yet there is no denial that i perceive

this i which perceives
is not a thought a memory a sensation a feeling

a storyline

that which perceives
whatever that is
has no outline

no shape

a fruit of a tree
the branch of the tree
has a certain form and shape

a fig or an orange
banana or a pineapple

the objects of perceptions
have a shape and a form

we label them conceptually

but the reality which hears right now
that which hears right now
which perceives
right now

is undeniable
it has no shape or color
no location

the i which perceives
has no shape no size no form
no limits no edges no location

thus it’s referred to as
the unborn
that which
neither is born nor dies

the essence
the ground of being

to you

i perceive a thought

the only way to perceive the thought
is to take on the form of a thought
perception is experiential

i perceive the thought
as i take on the form of thought
i perceive a sensation
as i take on the form of a sensation

i this reality
is of infinite creativity
limitless potential

not the i got
you imagine yourself to be
not the image
not the memory
not the body
not the brain

but this
transparent beingness

what the buddhist refer to as our true nature

what the hindus refer to as brahman
takes on the form of this perception
that’s what’s called perceiving

reality a perceiving object b
or object a or object c

it is not a relationship
between two realities

so out of
out of itself
this infinite
invisible reality
the reality
which perceives
out of its very self

as a way of speaking
morphs into a thought
my feeling

and this
morphing into a thought is creation
and perception simultaneously
creation and perception

and dissolution
because this reality doesn’t hold on
to anything doesn’t care
it’s infinite creation

in ignorance
we give reality to the creation
and we overlook the reality
of the creator

we overlook the reality of the infinite invisible
we give reality to
that which is created
we become fascinated

which is fine as long as you understand
experientially that there is one reality
one being which is formless invisible
borderless limitless
and non-local

this so-called local perception
appears to you
you are non-local

this limited perception appears
to you
you are not limited

i titled this meeting
your thoughts are made out of you
because experientially

there are no thoughts out there
that we catalogue and pick and choose

which thought we want to
view right now
that is not the way it is

awareness is infinite invisible
presence beingness
takes on the form of a thought
or a perception

they are not two
being and perceiving are not two

and given
that being is
limitless and non-local
is similarly the form that being takes
meaning thought is equally
formless limitless and non-local

likes to play

and creates distinctions
like the infinite colors of the rainbow

red and blue yellow
of course they are just
a reflection of the white light
and yet in its creativity
distinctions arise

which gives a certain flavor
a certain nuance to the play

in the indian tradition
there is the
festival of colors
people come to the street and
powders with the various bright colors
onto everything to each other
onto the walls

a celebration of creativity
of distinctions
apparent distinctions
because all colors
refer to the white light
to the colorlessness
it has no inherent color

color is just a synoptic activity
in the the brain
the optical nerve

there’s no color
to an atom
or a molecule
or a gluon

so this the distinctions
in perception are
the play
of that which beyond all color
beyond all distinctions

so it’s alright to play the game of distinctions
as long as you know

being as being beyond all distinctions

so there are various thoughts
various sensations

but they are the dance of being
which is neither a thought nor a sensation

their reality
their essence

this being
which is beyond
beyond appearance
which is
not an appearance
not a form

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