The path of inquiry and the path of love

Magdi Badawy, 07-26-2022

okay hello everybody
hello mark holger

welcome back holly from your travels
and dennis

so just a couple of words because of mark and dennis being new here that

i just conduct a short guided meditation and then you’re
welcome to post whatever questions you may have

so the meditation is pretty simple
just simply welcome your experience as it is

invite your body and mind to

so for now you can suspend
all your activities

just for the period of this meeting

to simply be

allow whatever thoughts or images appear to you
to be as they are
don’t engage in fixing anything
or improving anything or judging anything

without any agenda

rather than holding on to the idea that you are a person
that you are a man or a woman

just for now
contemplate that you are the
reality which perceives
the reality which hears these words

without any need to define this reality in any
in any manner
in any way

that which perceives
which hears words right now
is i

you don’t need to define i

as a male body or female person
or in any manner

so i is whatever it is that perceives
whatever it is
that is

when you don’t define yourself in any way

there is an openness

an open not knowing

which is not missing anything which is not incomplete

today i wanted to say a few words about the
path of knowledge and the path of love

the path of knowledge is sometimes referred to as the Jnana path
and the path of love as a the


the path of devotion

in fact this distinction between two path is just a conceptual distinction

because in in the path of knowledge in the path of inquiry
it’s referred to as atmavishara there is love for truth

because there is love for truth we investigate
we investigate the belief that consciousness is personal and limited

and in the bhakti path

we love truth

we love god which is truth which is reality

and truth and knowledge are not two
truth and understanding are not two

and sometimes in our journey we are more engaged in
inquiry and higher reasoning and investigation
into truth

and at a different time in our journey the bhakti so-called bhakti

phase of our journey we

just merged in into love

drunk with the love of god love of truth

all rivers lead to the ocean
the destination is one

which is love and understanding
wisdom and love

wisdom without love is too dry
love without wisdom is too mushy

one could say that
the path of inquiry
addresses the mind and the bhakti path
addresses the the body the feelings
but the mind and the body are not two

understanding affects the body
affects how you feel about the world
how you feel about others

when the love
brings also the understanding that the other is your very self

which is very different from an emotion
or a sentiment

so in this moment you know that consciousness is real

and that this consciousness refers to i
i aware presence

and also you
experience the peace the peace of this understanding
the understanding that there is one reality
meaning there is no opposition
and nothing lacking

no opposition is peace and nothing lacking is happiness

so in the understanding
about no division one reality
the understanding about nothing lacking
we experience peace and happiness as our very nature

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