Shiva & Shakti

Magdi Badawy, 07-16-2022

Artwork by Priyam Saini, Rishikesh

hello george and holger
hello shai

ola diana como estas
and tara

nice to to be with you

so we will start this meeting with a brief
guided meditation and then we can have a discussion

so you are welcome to if you want to close your eyes or simply

turn your attention inwardly

and welcome
your experience

whichever way it is appearing to you

the sensations in your body
the heart beat

the sensation of the breath

you don’t need to do anything

no need to fix anything or

seek anything right now

whatever thoughts appear

simply be

notice that
you are the
reality that hears these words

without any effort

notice that
you are aware

and that awareness is real

notice that
whatever you perceive

such as this song of the birds

or the sensations in the body
they keep changing

but awareness

do not


in your experience there is

which is changeless

and there is that which
appears and disappears

sensations in the body

and on the other hand awareness

you are this aware presence
in this moment taking on the form of hearing these words

you are this transparent aware presence
in this moment taking the sensation of

you are this effortless transparent presence
in this moment
taking on the form of
an image
a image of a man a woman

you are shiva

taking on the form of shakti

like the ocean taking on the form of waves
or water taking on the form of waves

or rain


although shiva takes on the form of
infinite minds and infinite worlds and infinite sensations

it remains transparent
it remains complete
it remains untouched



shiva is never seeking anything

shiva is not
trying to improve

because it is the creator
and the perceiver

the source

when you imagine yourself to be a woman a man a person
then you experience the sense of limitation
the worry and the concern

you imagine yourself to be a human being
rather than the reality of consciousness

the reality of being

when you reduce yourself
from universal being to
personal human being
you feel and you experience yourself
to be a mortal body-mind

the sense of lack and fear of death
and worry about the future

and you try to find peace and freedom
for the body mind
for the imaginary person that you believe yourself to be

but it’s not possible to find peace and happiness for an imaginary character

and so you experience disappointment




but whenever you let go of the belief that you are a person a man a woman

then order is restored

the ocean is not a wave

you are not a limited personal self

consciousness is your reality

and consciousness has no borders

and no location

consciousness is not located in your brain or behind your eyes

there is no location

which means freedom

consciousness awareness
your experience right now
of awareness

it’s not
it’s not a body

it’s not a brain

we believe that
consciousness is made out of
molecules and atoms it’s made out of matter
or consciousness is made out of
thoughts and mind

these are just beliefs
without any foundation

if you go directly to your experience right now
the reality that perceives
this reality is not male or female

reality that hears these words
is not sitting on a chair or on a couch

go to your experience of awareness

because awareness is your experience
is not a belief
i am aware
i perceive

i consciousness
whatever it is
you use the word consciousness i

not i female body or a male body

i is this presence right now it’s not a story
not a history of my past and my future
what happened to me when i was 12 years old

i is not in time

not in the past and in the future

i is
the eternity of being

this entire
contemplation and inquiry
about truth

about reality
is the inquiry into
causeless peace freedom and happiness

it’s not an academic study

we know peace
we know love

we know freedom

not conceptually
but experientially

deep down in our heart

we know our true self

let it
let it be
allow it
allow it to
rise to the surface

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