The eternity of our true nature

Magdi Badawy, 07-07-2022

hello everyone lovely to see you all whole girl

gg hello lisa

welcome ron hey frank george hi george and alan

nice to see you be with you

so just a reminder that

you’re welcome to post whatever questions you
want to share and explore

i’ll start with just a brief guided meditation

and then you’re welcome to explore
whatever questions you want to explore

so um to start with uh just uh welcome

yourself welcome your experience

without a need to do anything
without the need to fix

or get somewhere

simply being is sufficient
we have a habit of

wanting to get something
wanting to get somewhere
or wanting to achieve something and

in a way it’s understandable in the world

obstacles to overcome
but there’s also the possibility of
just for now

during this this gathering here
to rest as being an explore

resting as being

welcome that and
acknowledge to acknowledge

the causeless beingness
the causeless peace of being

which requires no effort
nothing to do no
no need to separate yourself from your experience

whatever is happening it’s okay for now

now the the breath

maybe the sensation of your feet on the ground

the sound of uh
of this voice and uh
maybe the sound of traffic
or the birds singing

whatever is arising

to experience the possibility of
peace in this moment

not a peace that
is due to
any particular

and also to
to welcome the
the peace
in the midst of this conversation
in the midst of this experience

it’s much easier to rest
without having to define yourself in any way

it’s as if
we are
not knowing
just being

without being defined as

a man a woman son daughter whatever
whichever way

we define ourselves via the mind

and it’s okay to define our self uh
in certain situations when you’re a teacher
you have students here
you define yourself as a teacher or

if you are a mechanic
you define yourself as a mechanic to your clients

but for now you don’t need to define yourself
in any way

and we’re not seeking any experience

it’s much simpler this way not to

to take a break from seeking
just it’s a sort of relief

and it’s okay to
to be without seeking

without also defending an image
or trying to become
somebody special or
or achieve a special state

it is much simpler to be free from all of that

so here in this sort of meditation we
get a little taste of that

being in a way without a purpose
and to experience the
the peace of that the
the equanimity

when we are
not projecting not defending
not defined
not defined

in any way

it’s so beautiful
when we relate without
the shields

the veils

it is effortless



it’s effortless

and it’s not trying to
become special

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