The Personal Narrative Does Not Define The Ocean

Magdi, 03-26-2022

welcome yourself
welcome your experience as it appears to you

freedom from past and future
freedom from concerns
nothing to pursue or
nothing to avoid
so just for now
complete availability
without any intention
without any personal intention

sort of abandon
without a feeling of anything being abandoned

being the flow
without a need to understand
without a need to have in mind

being as i am

in this moment which is not a moment in time

rather the eternity of being

and in this eternity
is the infinity

any limited person

the breath

the vastness of breath

permeating our entire being

an expression
of being

a gentle flow

without anything actually moving

sometimes we look so far away
for that which is closer than close

the mind always looking for
something out there somewhere

to figure out
to whine about
to hope for

that in this moment
all is well
as it is
whichever way it is

in our desires
in desiring
we desire desirelessness

we desire freedom from desire

our deepest desire
is freedom from all desires

freedom from the activity of desiring
in order to desire you separate yourself
from who knows what

a imagine separation

when this felt
is your yearning
for unification

but you have never been
the separate
self that you imagine
yourself to be

you cannot divide the ocean
your true nature your essential nature this moment
in every moment is desireless
does not know separation

does not know his separate subject
separate object

it takes effort to
separate yourself and desire something
and maintain
the desiring subject and the desired object

but when you meet your experience
full, completely
nothing is lacking
there is no room for you to imagine yourself

in any way whatsoever
in complete presence
there is no room for past stories

future hopes
because presence is complete

sometimes the mind creates
a concept a caricature out of presence

it may say well
presence is a good feeling
or it must look like this or like that

and within this mind activity
presence is objectified
as an object of desire

spiritual desire of sort

simply be
without concern about what you are
what you should be

sort of a space between thoughts

anytime you will find that this
space between thoughts
is there as well
in the presence of the appearance of a father

the singing of birds
the sound of rain
or traffic

and that in fact the sound of traffic
is this very stillness
taking on the form
of a sound

it can be so simple


rather than
desiring and missing and lacking

we can appreciate and celebrate and rejoice

to be a lovely garden
to be the garden

without any gates
opening free

not free because
some door or some gate is open
but free because there are no gates no walls

so that our life every expression
is an expression of this causeless freedom

an unending invitation
like the flow of a river

flowing this is the beauty of it
the sounds of it and
how it nourishes it nourishes the garden
it nourishes the farms the land

you are the river
the garden the land the sky

everything you are everything
but you’re not a thing

you’ve never been an object
you never will be
it never happens

just a belief

but here we are this moment complete freedom
from belief complete freedom from time
no separation no story no history

the joy of being
causeless joy

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