What should my practice be?

Magdi Badawy, 04-02-2024

Hello everyone.
Very lovely to be with you and to be to be with oneself,
oneself as the one and only self.

Universal love and presence and being, beingness.
Welcoming itself, and recognizing itself.

There is an inner tranquility, grace,
a certain sweetness to this recognition of
the self recognizing itself beyond the words.

Deeply within our being,
we know ourselves as the same reality.
The true significance of love
is this recognition,
a simple recognition,
yet a profound one.

So, let’s bathe and rejoice in this recognition.
An effortless recognition.

Invite yourself to simply be,
allowing your experience to be just as it is,
as it appears to be.

Without trying to change anything.
Bodily sensations, appearing in the
spaciousness of awareness.

No history.
Pure, not-knowing.

Like sitting at the edge of a stream,
listening to the gurgling of the water,
the rushing stream,
how it expresses itself.

Noticing the heartbeat,
whichever way it appears to you.

Whatever thoughts appear to you,
you don’t move.

Thoughts appear within the non-movement.
And this non-movement is meditation.
With no one doing anything.
It is a cosmic meditation of sort.

And we are that, we are
that cosmic meditation.

The peace and the stillness of awareness.
The revelation that I am this stillness
and not a story line,
not this dream of thoughts and beliefs,
that I am this effortless, borderless presence.

The understanding that there are stories
within the mind, stories about the world,
about family, about the tribe,
about the past and the future.

And the understanding that,
I am not in time,
reality is not in time.

Presence is not in time.

Your reality,
your true self,
everything which is you
is not in time,
is not subject to conditions.

So meditation is this understanding,
being available to this understanding,
not for any personal purpose,
because this personal purpose is a narrative.

But love for love’s sake,
interest in truth for truth’s sake
and not for an imaginary personal sake.

This meditation is always available to you,
via your interest.
Your interest in truth comes to you from truth itself;
it surprises us.

Meditation is being,
not being somebody.

transparent beingness.

Not trying to improve
something or someone.

It’s just a sun shining
effortlessly onto everything.

The sun is the light,
it brings clarity,
clarity to the mind.

In meditation
the mind is quiet
and the light of awareness
is shining.

But this light of awareness
is a fullness;

Seeking nothing.

So welcome every sensation
that appears to you
without knowing it.

In not-knowing we do not
bring the past or the future;
only now.

The fullness of now,
the fullness of awareness,
of presence.

Because the light lacks nothing.

It shines onto itself,
from itself,
to itself.

So invite yourself to be
this spaciousness
without any grasping,
a sort of ever deepening,
relaxation, abandonment.

There is no bottom to this abandonment,
this letting go
and letting be.

And on occasion in your daily life,
explore this inner abandonment
in the midst of activity,
in the midst of your life.

Without any goal,
just an interest in exploration.
A sort of experimentation.
So that there can be simultaneously
activity on the surface and peace within.

The activity is inspired by the peace.
Is informed by the peace.

Because it is that which we love.
And it is that which we are.

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