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The path of understanding and the path of love

Magdi Badawy, 03-24-2024

Hello everyone.
Lovely to be with you.

So, for the first part of this meeting,
we will have a guided meditation.

So sit comfortably and welcome
your experience just as it is.

You can let go of the past and
any future projects for now,
simply suspend whatever
appears to you in the space.

You may notice that thoughts appear to you
and they float by like clouds in the sky.

You don’t move.
There is nothing that you need to do.
Simply notice the peace,
this simple awareness.

It is effortless.

You hear these words,
but there is nothing that you do,
the hearing just takes place on its own.

Like the heartbeat.
The heart beats on its own…
the sunshine,
the sound of the cicadas.

It is effortless.

And this effortlessness is peace.
It is alive, aware,
but it’s not doing anything.

Because there is no personal doer,
and yet there is perceiving, sensing.

And there is no separation.
Awareness and perception are not two.
The perceiver and the perceiver are not two.

The me-thought requires your participation,
your collusion,
your collaboration.

But when you are not collaborating,
when you remain still,
not moving towards
or moving away from,
the me-thought dissolves in your non-movement.

And this Non-movement is your true Self.

Everything which appears to you,
such as hearing these words,
appears to the non-movement,
within the non-movement,
which is awareness.

So you recognize yourself as this non-movement,
this ordinary awareness.

And not as the movement.
And yet they are not two.
The perceived and the perceiver are not two.

The movement and the stillness
and the essence are not two.

Like the wavelets on the surface of the pond
are not separate from the pond.


I want to talk briefly about the two paths
towards the revelation and stabilization
in your true nature.

We say two paths,
but in fact they are one
and yet there are two.

The path of the mind
and the path of the heart,
the path of understanding
and the path of love.

Understanding about reality.
The understanding that there is one reality
and that reality is not in time.

The world is in time,
day and night,
weeks, months,

Changing world over time.
But there is a reality to the world.
There is an underlying essence
which is not in time
because time is perceived, experienced.

But reality or essence
is not perceived phenomenally,
is not experienced by the senses.

The understanding that I does not refer
to a particular body mind
but it refers to the cosmic reality,
to the cosmic realm,
to the non-phenomenal aspect
of your experience,
which is consciousness or awareness
experiencing itself,
knowing itself,
that I refers to itself,
and the understanding that
I is self-knowing and is absolute.

The understanding that
the world-body-mind appear to you,
but you do not appear.

The perceiving aspect does not perceive itself,
and yet it knows it is,
it knows itself to be,
and it knows itself to be the perceiving aspect.

The understanding that awareness is,
knows it is
and knows that it knows.

The understanding that
there is no separation,
that there is no distance
between I and Thou,
or between I and it,
whatever it is.

And this path is the path of higher reasoning,
which is essential for the mind to disrobe itself
from the belief in separation
from the virus of identification.

And then there is a path of love.

Which is the path of absolute surrender,
complete non-movement.

The absolute yes.
Unconditional yes.

The complete not knowing.
Being childlike.
Available, without defenses;
to be completely dissolved in the moment.

Without any personal stand
or personal position.

Eternal presence.

And then there is the living as that,
the living of the understanding
and the living of the non-movement.

You live it the best you can until it lives itself.

It is said that we are the path
and we are the destination.

The pathless path,
the gateless gate.

It is said that in coming and going,
we don’t take a step,
that we never leave home.

Each one of these sayings points to a truth.
This truth must be yours.

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