Waking from the dream

Magdi Badawy, 11-30-2023

Hello, everyone.
Very lovely to be with you.

So we can
Allow things to be as they are
and to
go directly to

Effortless Presence.

Relax into presence.

Simply notice whatever appears to you,
without any movement,
without any need to do anything.

There is nothing you need to do.

For now,
simply Be
without any direction.

Whatever appears appears,
it’s okay; whatever it is,
we don’t need to figure it out for now.

Allowing the light to shine,
whichever way it does.

There is no division anywhere.
You is this not knowing totality,
this borderless not knowingness.

The world is you.
The body is you.
The universe is you.

And you are in peace
at the core of whatever appears
at the core of the mind,
at the core of the world.

You are the peace.
The non-movement.

Thoughts appear to you.
Sounds, the world appear to you.

And this you is this invisible beingness.

You are
the sound of the wind,
the warmth of the sunshine.

There is nothing that you need to protect
or defend or fix; nothing at all.

Because there is nothing apart from you.
You are this effortless, loving presence.

In your imagination,
you imagine yourself, and
you imagine others.

For your amusement,
and for your entertainment
you entertain a story about yourself.

So you can experience yourself as
a certain sensation,
a certain vibration,
a certain sense of me.

And this sense of me is not truly you.
But it is the game we play.

We play the game of being
somebody limited,
somebody with personal problems.

We play the game so well.
We overlook our true self as this transparent,
effortless presence which has
no name,
no limits,
no form,
no Location.

Nothing is, in fact, happening to the true you.
The only you, there is.

The screen of awareness.

Your body is your imagination
a field of sensations,
similar to the glitter of the sunshine
on the surface of the pond.

You have no form,
your true form is no form.

When you relax your mental structure for a moment,
you are nowhere and everywhere.
You are no-one and everyone.
Nothing and everything,
like the wide open sky.

You never truly, truly leave home
in spite of your game of me.

Identifying yourself as… as what?
What is,
what is this identification?
What is it?

Is it this current sensation?
Is it this current thought?

We can only take a look in this moment.
But how can we take a look
if his moment is not made out of time?

In the absence of time what can we look at?

It is just this presence.
No past and no future.

In this moment there isn’t even in instant.

So the mind is void of any borders, any edges.
The waves are not separate from the ocean.

We entertain a story about me in time.
Coming from somewhere, going somewhere.

Where is it that is
going somewhere,
seeking something.

You have to go to
memory, and
to find somebody,
which is just a mental creation, a mental form.

What is it that is lacking anything that is seeking anything.

Is it not what you imagine yourself to be?
What you feel yourself to be?
What you keep telling yourself you are.

What if you are not what you imagine yourself to be?
Where are the problems then?

Who Is having any problem?
Who is it? In this moment.

What are you in this moment?
This moment which is not in time.

You do not need to define yourself in any way
in order to be.
You do not need to limit yourself
or entertain a narrative about yourself.

“You” means this Reality,
whatever it is,
which in this moment
is, and
knows it is.

This formless Presence.

You are this formlessness,
appearing as form,
appearing as the world, the universe,
appearing as mind, thoughts, and concepts,
appearing to yourself.

Appearing as yourself,
because there is no distance between
that which you perceive as you.

You are the dreamer of all dreams.
The good ones, the bad ones.

You are the dreamer of all
conversations, all
events. You are the creator of
time and space,

You create and perceiving spontaneously, simultaneously
without ever becoming anything.

You are neither diminished nor augmented by your creation.
You do not exist in the dream.
The dream is your dream, exists in you, appears in you.

You play the game of believing yourself to be in the dream.
You play the game of believing that the dream defines you or limits you.
You create the sensation that you are inside the dream.

But the sensations, your creation, and your interpretation,
in fact everything appears to you,
as you,
within you,
out of you.

It is a thought and a belief that you have created,
that you are a person, somebody, a character in the dream.

You have defined yourself to be this and not that,
while this and that appear to you in the same space,
in the same manner,
without separation,
without division,

They appear to you like the sound,
the singing of the birds, in melody.
You divide this melody in different parts,
but there are no parts to it.

In your experience, there isn’t a me and not me.
Only in your concepts, in your thoughts,
in your feelings is your freedom.
To feel freedom, you separate yourself.

But as soon as you do that
the sweet game of life sounds a little complicated.

Me and not me,
me and you,
me and him,
me and her.

The bad me,
the good me,
the better me.

What is all this stuff?
Is it Necessary?

We have available to us formless aware presence,
awareness, being.

It is available to us, as us,
as I am this invisible aware presence.

The dream appears to you, and you can realize that,
understand that, and wake up.

Waking up is not the
end of the dream, it is the
end of separation, the
end of unhappiness, the
end of the belief that I am
a character,
a limited self,
a limited entity,
a mortal body mind.

So that the bitterness out of the dream is removed;
the virus,
the veil of separation is removed,

And we can
celebrate our creation and
celebrate our being.

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