Injustice and Victimhood

Magdi Badawy, 11-09-2023

Hello, everyone.
Lovely to see you all.

So can we be without the past
without any self definition.

A clean slate.
Just for now,
To allow this presence.
To allow being.

To be.
To reveal itself.
To us.

To reveal itself,
to itself.
Without any identification.

Because we are this transparent awareness.
We are not the storyline,
The me-story, the history,
the her-story.

We are not the narrative.
We are not the script.
We are not the mind.

We are this transparent aware presence
that IS and effortlessly perceives.
Hears these words.

So allow yourself to simply be.

Being reveals itself in your non-doing,
in the absence of any personal identity.

When you soak in presence
everything is healed.

Because the mind that is touched
by presence rests as presence,
rests in presence.

There are me-patterns
that have infected the mind.

What is happening to me?
Why is this happening to me?
Why is he or she or them doing this to me?

What is this personal-me
this personal identity.

Is it a passing thought and sensation,
which somehow in some devious way
we cherish it, maintain it,
identify ourself as a victim.

All of it is arising within this transparent awareness,
which holds on to nothing.
Because it is everything.

This personal identification is mentation,
empty of any real substance.

And yet we don’t let go of it.
With define ourself via memories and thoughts.

And the accompanying sensations,
because every thought that is somehow given power
triggers sensations within the body.

A thought of being a victim triggers certain juices
within the somatic field.
Sensations arise and trigger more thoughts.

I am good.
I have been good.
Why is the world being so bad to me?
Why doesn’t he or she doesn’t see how good I am.

Now what is this I?
What are we referring to when we say I.

And this life is such a passing
temporary realm, dreamlike.

Somehow we can see a purpose,
that of understanding.

Understanding that I does not refer
to a personal entity.

That there is no such thing as
a personal limited consciousness, reality.

There is one reality.
One could say that everything is interconnected.

Like, the water in the ocean.
The ocean and the water and
the waves and the wavelets are one.

There is nobody doing something
to somebody else.
That is a mind narrative that arises
out of the initial assumption in separation.

The initial belief of separation
creates an impression of a me and the other, another.
It is just mind-stuff.

And, yes, we feel it.
We feel Injustice.
Why is he…
Why are they committing such injustice?

That is a flawed point of view
because I am thou and thou are I,
this one beingness.

There is no separate you,
separate them or him anywhere.

This is not a concept.
It is truth.

Separation is an illusion,
a dream illusion,
an unhappy illusion.

Somehow it serves a purpose.
The purpose of reminding us.

Reminding us about our oneness, our wholeness.
They are painful reminders.

The more we buy into the belief of the victimhood,
the more we experience the unhappiness of that.

We experience it internally within our being.
And yet we hold on to it.
And we repeat it.

And we feel stirred up, inflamed hurt,
enraged, victimized, misunderstood.

Where is the freedom, the joy,
the happiness, the peace
in feeling victimized?

And we project our anger against another.
And it bounces back in our face.

Peace and happiness is now.

And sometimes we do perceive certain behaviors
that go against our inner understanding
about love and truth.

Do we take it personally?

Do we adopt a personal position?
I know better!

Can there be an understanding
that even that is God’s doing.

So we can,
out of the understanding,
that there is nothing personal.
we can express ourselves,
in an impersonal manner.

Or not?
Noticing that whenever
we personify a certain situation,
we experienced this sense of separation,
unhappiness, inner angst, feeling wronged.

Does presence,
does consciousness,
feel wronged or victimized?

What is it that is feeling victimized.
What are you assuming yourself to be?

Do you need to assume yourself
to be anyone, anybody?

Can we be not knowing.
Not knowing about what we are.
Not knowing about what the so called other is?

Because it’s possible the other is your very self.
We don’t know.

Could it be that everything you perceive
has an element of illusion.

And that you, the reality which hears these words,
and perceives this perception.
Whatever that is.

This is reality itself.
Invisible to the senses.
Beyond the mind.
And yet undeniable.

Because that which is perceived
and not denied,
the reality which perceives it.

That which is cannot not be,
and has never not been.

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