What is The Source of Unhappiness?

Magdi Badawy, 06-18-2023

Hello everyone

so for this meditation
you can set aside your mind

because you are not the mind

the recollections
the personal interests

they relate to the body
they relate to the functioning
of the organism

you can set that aside for now

and notice what remains

it’s always there
in the background of awareness

but there is no background and no foreground
in reality

simply rest as you are

being doesn’t need anything
doesn’t necessitate anything
doesn’t require anything
for you to be
since you already are

allow the sensation of your body to expand

you can let go of the imaginary borders
because there are no borders

there are no dividing
no demarcation lines

in presence
there is only presence

which is you
your reality

the only you there is
is this borderless presence


complete by itself
not seeking completion
of any form

so you can allow yourself to be like a leaf
and gently be carried by the wind

or waves carried by the current

fearlessly free
no opposition

so you can sink deeply into your true nature
into the peace
and recognize yourself
as that causeless peace

nothing to do

that which you are
this transparent aware presence
is undisturbable
by events in the world
events in the body

passing thoughts
dream like

notice that
you hear this voice these sounds
this vibration

it appears to you effortlessly
nothing is happening to you

there is something happening with a body
with vibration in the eardrum
but nothing is happening to you

there may be various activities in the brain
neurons firing
neuronic activity

but nothing is happening here

you are this
invisible undeniable

as presence there is nothing you need to do
you don’t need to retain anything
figure anything out

no concerns no worries

notice that
as soon as you refer to yourself
as a person
a limited entity
with a personal history

we experience a sense of limitation
a certain contraction
some form of worry concern

but you are not
a limited consciousness
a personal limited entity

such thoughts and beliefs appear to you

it’s only when you choose to say yes
“I am this person born in time and space”
that you will perceive yourself
as a mortal entity
full of struggles

but when you notice that option
presenting itself to you
“I am in this woman, I am this man, I am born…”
when you notice this option and you don’t
go for it

that instant effortlessly
you are yourself

by not choosing the option
“I am this person, how dare you speak this way”
all is well

notice how often you choose the option
“yes, I am somebody, I am a mother, a daughter, a Father, a son”

notice in your life how often it shows a selection

sometimes it’s necessary to be a mother or father
but notice how often you choose this option
when it’s not necessary and it’s not required.

You are choosing a religious identification,
political, nationality notice how you make these choices

and then you get wrapped up in your feelings
wrapped up in the bodily sensations
thoughts confusion

Life is your playground
it is the realm
which is available to you

realize your true essence
which is always onboard

the reality which hears these words
is the reality which you seek
which is seeking itself

you veil yourself from yourself
and you unveil yourself to your self

you are never not there
you are never absent.

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