What is the role of the mind in awakening? Availability to beauty.

Magdi Badawy, 05-07-2023


so if you can send your attention
to your experience
in this moment

and notice
that your experience is
made out of perception


which appear to you

and that there is another aspect
to your experience
which is not visible
to the senses

which is the perceiving aspect
the knowing aspect
the awareness aspect
of your experience

the screen
the space
within which
this hearing is taking place
right now

and you can ask yourself
am I the perceiving aspect?

or am I something
which is perceived?

am I a perception?
am I thought?
am I in memory?
am I a sensation?

or am I the reality
which perceives?

am I a visible objective visible form
or am I awareness?

because your experience is composed of
both that which you perceive
as well as the perceiving aspect

you can rest as that question
allowing the question to take you to the answer

because the answer is at the source of the question

which is our interest
in understanding
understanding our experience

and having clarity
about what I refers to

there is the mind
and the activity of mind
meaning thoughts
and Sensations
and perceptions

the mind is available to us
meaning thoughts sensations
and perceptions

are available to us
for practical functional

but also
as tools
which can be directed
towards understanding

not just understanding about
how to navigate this world and Body Mind

but understanding about truth

so the mind can be turned outwards
towards the world body

in order to help us navigate
the world of manifestation

but it can also be turned inward
to investigate the reality of our experience

whenever you ask yourself
what is the reality of my experience

sometimes a question
which is asked is
what am I truly
what is I
what is the real I?

whenever you inquire into reality
via the mind
you are inquiring into the changeless

to that
which you are absolute about
you are certain about

that which is always available to you
that which you will always find right there
whenever you look and wherever you look

which is I
the changeless beingness knowingness

that which perceives
that which is
that which does not come in and out of existence

that which you know yourself to be
before any thought arises

that which precedes manifestation
precedes all appearances

and permeates manifestation
permeates appearance

that without which
nothing can be

that which is the isness
of whatever exists

as the mind is turned
in that direction

investigating and exploring
questioning the belief
that reality is physical

questioning the belief that
reality is personal and finite

questioning the belief that
I reality exists in time
in space

is sincere question
not seeking to swap
an old belief with a new belief
but looking for certainty

for the understanding that
is beyond any doubt

what is it that you can be
absolutely certain of this moment?

there is something
rather than nothing

there is a reality
whatever that is

and this something rather than nothing
takes on infinite forms and shapes
and yet it has no inherent form
and no inherent shape

I can be absolutely certain of being

not being somebody
not being something
which appears

but beingness itself

we can be absolutely certain of awareness
there is awareness

the wondrous magical aspect of awareness

mind-blowing awareness

there are colors
and shapes
and forms
and sounds
and sensations
those different forms

but there is no separation
between awareness
the knowing element
the knowing aspect
of our experience right now
and perception

there is no separation
to awareness and perception

when we use the mind
to investigate separation
we find the belief
we find a concept
of this and that

these concepts may be useful
this table
and that bed
this cat
that dog

useful concepts

experience precedes the concept
meaning awareness presence
precedes the concept
which arises
in awareness
out of awareness

the concept of inside and outside
the concept of here and there

there is no here and there

is no inside no outside
it’s just presence awareness

not knowingness

so not to mistake the conceptual realm
with the reality of our experience
not to confuse the mind with consciousness

to use the mind when appropriate and as appropriate

but it’s a tool
in your hands
in the hands of consciousness

so I invite you
to turn your mind inwardly
and inquiry
the belief
that you are a person

that you are born
that you have a beginning an ending

conduct your own investigation
your own inquiry
look into it

investigate the evidence that you have
that I is born
that I exists in time

that’s reality exists
in a bigger reality called time

take a look at your experience
and check it out that
there is no separation experientially

that separation is a conceptual model
useful in some cases

this is my house
that is your house

if you want to go downtown
go to the right don’t go to the left

concepts can be very useful
practical in a practical way

but when it comes to clarity
about peace and happiness
you have to go to the source
and come to the understanding
that it is the source itself

which is seemingly veiling itself
and unveiling itself

you not you the body mind
not to the bundle of thoughts and memories
but you the reality of being awareness
is this source playing the game of ignorance
and return
to the knowledge you are.

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