Why am I disturbed by others and by world events?

Magdi Badawy, 12-29-2022

So to start with it
if you would sit comfortably

you’re welcome to either

close your eyes or turn your gaze inwardly

and welcome
welcome yourself
welcome your experience
without any expectation
without any conditions
without any judgments

simply be this welcoming presence

whatever Sensations appear to you
whatever thoughts
perceptions appear to you

simply be

it is so lovely to just be rest restful
resting presence

without any need to know what you are
without no need to figure anything out

presence is peace

Universal peace
that we know as simply being

not being somebody
not being
someone good or bad
but the simplicity
of being
to be effortless being

which is not trying to improve itself

or to solve any problem

there is no separation in presence
there is no separation in being

there is no me and you
it’s just peace and love and tranquility

no effort

it is awareness
the reality which hears these words

is this presence
this being
which we are
we’ve always been

it is within this effortless presence
that sounds appear
thoughts appear
bodily Sensations appear
within this transparent presence

and this presence
this awareness is
always there
does not come and go

in spite of appearances appear and disappear

neither appears nor disappears

which we refer to I am
this amness knows it is

I am and
I know that I am

they go hand in hand

there is no disturbance in the ocean

it is the mind that may say

this is disturbing or that is disturbing

but presence awareness is not disturbed and not disturbable

it is only upon identifying yourself

only upon identifying awareness
as being a separate limited entity

only upon believing yourself to be a body mind
will you experience the sense of limitation

as a bodily sensation
as a Feeling

you will experience the sense of lack
the fear of ending
as feelings and thoughts

bodily Sensations

but that which perceives the bodily sensation
is not a sensation

that which perceives thunder
is not the thunder
it’s pure tranquil aware presence

which perceives feelings and emotions

and the feelings and emotions are the result of your identification
identifying yourself as a woman
a father
a particular Body Mind
identifying yourself with certain images

it is awareness Consciousness
which is identifying itself
you consciousness
you identify yourself
as a limited form

when you experience disturbance

as soon as you identify yourself
as somebody you will experience yourself existing
as a limited entity
in time and space
with personal worries and
personal concerns and hopes and regrets

the mind becomes confused
by the belief that it is somebody

it struggles internally
struggles with itself

but this struggle is just
a body mind impression
which has nothing to do with you

because you are not an entity
in spite of the body having particular characteristics
in particular limitations
these characteristics and limitations
do not apply to you

so it is you as consciousness
creates a sense of limitation
creates inner demons and inner angels
all of which are fiction

the illusion occurring in the mind

these inner battles of identity

they’re like waves in the ocean
like clouds in the sky

the ocean is unaffected
except when you identify yourself
with particular waves
then you experience the impression
that something is happening to you
you the ocean

we start to experience worries and concerns
about that which you imagine yourself to be

but that which you imagine yourself to be
is not that which you are

no matter what you imagine yourself to be

you don’t need it

you don’t need to know what you are
it is sufficient
to be clear that I am

I know that I am
I being
the reality which perceives

not I being something which you believe yourself to be

so you can invite yourself to remain unknowing to
be Unknowing
to be not knowing of that which you are
and completely clear that I am
I being reality

and to live as best as you can
according to this new understanding.

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