Living the non-dual understanding

Magdi Badawy, 07-09-2022

hello richard holger
hello francesca nice to see you

ellen gabriel hello gabrielle
hey ron
holly hello holly hi gg isaac
hello izak hi george

hello diana so lovely to be with you
just a couple of words
usually we start this meeting with
a short guided meditation and then
we can have a discussion questions whatever

and this meeting is recorded by the way

so to start with maybe we could
sit comfortably and turn our attention inward

and welcome our experience


whichever way our experience is appearing

the sound of the birds

the breath

very gentle movement of the breath

whatever thoughts may appear

to remain as you are

without an interest in
seeking any particular experience or any particular
mind state

each moment is a fresh

of presence



the peace of being

there is no one doing anything

the sun
the sun shines of its own

it shines as i
meaning i this aware

appearing as hearing
hearing these words

as a sensation
of your feet on the ground

appearing as the sound of traffic

appearing as the gentle vibration
of the body
universal vibration

in the freshness of this moment
in the freshness of each moment

all is well

because there is no need to achieve anything

because in the true moment
there is no time

it’s the eternity of being
of awareness

so we don’t need to hold on to any images

about ourself
or about others

because images are empty
they have no real significance

and these images are not true
because our true meeting is beyond images
it’s a meeting of love
the meeting of reality
meeting itself
truth meeting itself
love meeting itself

so living the non-dual understanding is
living peace
living freedom
living the eternity of being

rather than living the story
the story about me
about you
the story about life
rather than living
as an entity in in time and space
as a woman
as a man
as a person

we live as reality
the reality of universal consciousness
universality of being

we simply need to let go of any self definition
letting go of the definition of others as well

so there can be a fresh meeting
a fresh moment of being

because our stories about ourselves
and our stories about others
are like dead corpses

which we drag along

it’s it’s strenuous

whatever we’re protecting
this is a ghost

an illusion
an illusion protecting itself

like somebody wearing a mask
and then wearing another mask to
the previous mask
a life of of masks

what for
where is the love and beauty and the freedom
in wearing a mask
hiding and protecting what

everything around us is flowing
the wind
the sky
the clouds
on the surface of the ocean

the heartbeat

the universal pulsation

universal manifestation

and we are not apart from that

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