Beyond fear

Magdi Badawy, 02-27-2022

Very lovely to see you,
to be with you,
it’s very lovely to be,
to be,
that which which we are,
this is so sweet,
this is so tender,
we are,
we are one in truth,
one in love,
one in reality,
and when I am hurt you’re hurt,
when you are hurt,
I am hurt,
like one body,

whatever happens to you is happening to me,
whatever is happening to me is happening to you,
there is deepest meaning of being,
it is not the surface impression,
it is much deeper than that,
when I don’t recognize you as myself I do not recognize myself,
in my recognition of myself I recognize you as myself,
that is the truth so,
when I contemplate my true nature I go beyond the labels,
I go beyond thought,
beyond the form,
I recognize the formless,
this recognition is the love the beauty the freedom
can I open myself,
this openness is the recognition that all awareness is the borderless formless reality,

one reality,
the gateless gate,
the unmanifest,
the I which effortlessly manifests as all manifestation,
all heart beats are the heartbeat of the unmanifest,
it is the unmanifest that beats all hearts,
that energizes all bodies and all minds,
so in this moment I am this openness,
I am this presence which you are,
there may be sensations appearing,
false images,
they appear in that borderless awareness,
nothing is at stake when it comes to reality,
when it comes to that which I am that which you are,
nothing is at stake,
we know that deeply in the depths of our being,
we know that and sometimes we don’t trust our deep intuition,
yet how lovely it is to recognize myself in this moment as this form,
formless reality,

you don’t need to identify in any way whatsoever,
yes there is a world that appears to you,
there is a body that appears to you,
thoughts that appear to you,
but you don’t need to define yourself,
you don’t need to identify yourself in any way,
you don’t need to worry about the past or be concerned about the Future,
you don’t need to make your happiness captive to the process of thinking or feeling,
allow yourself to be this formless sense,
the eternity of being,
infinite presence without giving it a name,
without giving it a shape,
without giving it a location,
without giving it any qualifications,
because that which you are is already perfect and complete,
the freedom of being so,
simple so,

available borderless,
we are like the ocean,
all the waves and all the currents of the ocean,
they are my very being,
what is happening to you out there supposedly is happening right here,
in the intimacy of being there is no separate self,
no separate existence outside of your very being,
one reality,
our struggles have a message in them,
the message,
a message from God,
everything that unfolds in our life is a message from God,
it is telling us something for us to listen,
openly to reflect rather than taking any side,
or blaming something or blaming somebody,
we can look deeply within our being,
because we have the gifts from God from the absolute,
the gift of contemplation,
the gift of Reflection,
the gift of love to look into,
listen forget,
to be,
to be in not knowing,
because the mind repeats itself like an old broken record,
repeats the past,
it repeats old stale stories,

about me,
about him,
about her,
about them,
about us,
fairytales with a good witch and bad witch,
but we have available to us that which is,
that which we are,
this aware presence,
the love,
the intelligence,
we stop,
I do not separate you from myself,
I do not make you my enemy,
I do not project you as an object of my fears and my words,
rather I recognize you as my very self,
I look at you and I see myself,
our fears are a figment of our imagination,
mind projections,

the good the bad the evil do not exist in God’s kingdom,
they exist in your mind as stories which you love,
you love the stories of your mind,
you create them and you watch them,
and you rerun them,
and you complain about them while they are your creation,
you maintain them and you reject them,
you named consciousness,
the greatest suffering and fear is believing yourself to exist in time and space,
to be a man or woman,
a person is born and will die,
greatest fear is the fear of deaths,
not the death of the body,
but your death,
the death of I,
you don’t understand body is not a phenomenal event that is born and can die,

I this reality,
whatever it is that right now hears these words,
it is not a woman or a man,
this one reality,
whatever it is I know,
the freedom from fear comes with your understanding about your true self,
about the true I,
about that which you truly are,
free yourself from the beliefs to be person,
to be like body mind,
you’re not body mind,
the body mind appears to you,

you’re not that which appears to you,
no matter how convincing what appears to you may be,
whenever you notice the fear we can take a look at the process,
behind this fear is the belief that I am a person,
a high consciousness person,
so you can understand the process,
you are that which perceives,
you’re not the instrument,
the instrument to which you perceive,
all your fears are about me,
what is that,
what is that me.
a figment of your imagination,
sorrow is fear,

your understanding about your true self,
about universal self,
about the only such there is,
so if you have any questions,
anything that you would like to explore,
again make sure you unmute yourself and lovely to see you,
any questions?

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